Anyone tried The Optimum Health Clinic in London?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by HarrietHains, Jun 14, 2005.

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    Just received a CD, book and catalogue by Alex Hpward about the above.Anyone been there? Amongst other things mentions hypnotherapy? Also a CD that promotes Delta sleep. Anyone tried that with good results? This guy has apparently lectured all over the UK.

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    Hi Harriet,
    Yes, I have used the clinic but only by telephone. It's as 'near as damn it' to LP.

    The CD's are excellent...well worth buying!

    I have the set of cd's that helps with the Delta and Theta sleep patterns which are needed for healing and restorative sleep. It's called "The Sleep Inducer integrated brainwave balancing". The other set is called, "Learn to Relax" and is specifically for people with ME.

    I used them for months and I definately felt better...they are 'accumalative'...the more you use them, the better you feel.
    I normally 'go off' big time by July and I don't pick up until the following springtime...eight months of total relapse!
    Last year was different...I was still on my feet until January when a viral infection knocked me for six. It usually takes me three to six months to recover from any viral infection but this time I recovered in three weeks, just the same as everyone else did.
    I'd stopped using them because my husband was diagnosed with cancer in August last year so everyting went 'out of the window'. He's had to go for radiation therapy and the side affects are terrible.
    I'd also been rushed into hospital with a suspected heart attack/stroke and I had to go for an CT scan, ECG 24 hour monitoring and an MRI scan...last year was pretty horrendous.
    I 'did' Christmas this year and I even baked....much to everyone's dismay!

    I will start using them again now as they make such a difference.

    All the best,

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