Anyone try an anti-inflammatory DIET?

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  1. chloe_s_mom

    chloe_s_mom New Member

    Hi there,

    I know that I have problems with inflammation as I was just recently diagnosed with eosophilic esophagitis (an inflammatory condition affecting the length of the esophagus, most likely a food allergy, causing eosophils to be present, severe inflammation and, in my case, severe esophageal stricture). Also, I was dx in 2001 with interstial cystitis, with classic herniations in the bladder wall (also an inflammatory condition), after a life long battle with recurring UTIs (began under the age of 1).

    I have been hitting highs and lows with awful pain, along with crushing fatigue, since fibro suddenly started in July 2009.

    After a chat with a good friend who is knee deep in research for immune issues wrt reproduction, I thought, why not try to reduce inflammation with something that I can control, namely food?

    Seems that there is a lot to be learned, and I'm having difficulty with concentration, comprehension and fatigue (like everyone else, no doubt!). Just wondering if others had tried an anti-inflammatory diet with any success?

  2. Nanie46

    Nanie46 Moderator


    I have found it very helpful to eliminate all forms of processed cane sugar, high fructose corn syrup and gluten.

    It can also be helpful to eliminate other allergenic foods such as dairy, soy, eggs....just depends if you are sensitive to them.

    You can have a sensitivity to any food or ingredient, especially those to which we are constantly exposed, such as corn, sugar, wheat, etc.

    Your symptoms sound alot like mine were and I found out that the root cause of mine was tick-borne infections....Lyme and Bartonella.

    Interstitial cystitis, crushing fatigue, pain syndromes, difficulty with concentration and comprehension, inflammation and others are all included on the Lyme disease symptom list.

    Since a diagnosis of FM does not address the root cause of your symptoms, I encourage you to investigate tick borne infections as the root cause. Babesia is another one which is common and causes crushing fatigue.

    Here is some info...

  3. chloe_s_mom

    chloe_s_mom New Member

    Nanie46 sooo much for the reply and those links.

    I know that we are in a Lyme disease area as one of my dogs recently had a tick removed, which was the type that can carry Lyme's. Another friend had a tick removed from her scalp (!!!) that tested positive for Lyme's (she lives near by).

    Given the sudden onset (it was a Thursday), I've long suspected something other than fibromyalgia.

    Will read those links - were you treated adequately for those illnesses or is it an ongoing battle for treatment?
  4. Nanie46

    Nanie46 Moderator

    Hi again!

    I appreciate your open-mindedness at the possibility of Lyme and other infections.

    I have lots more information if you need it.

    I have been sick for 24 years. I only discovered it was Lyme 3 years ago, so it has been chronic for a verrrry long time.

    I have been treating Lyme for 3 years and I am better...not cured.

    Chronic lyme is complex and difficult to treat, but not impossible.

    I can now sleep, no longer have the severe fatigue or brain fog. I'd say that part of the illness is 90% better for me now...and that is a miracle.

    My worst and most longstanding symptom is pain and stiffness.

    4 years ago I developed such severe head, neck and shoulder pain and stiffness that I thought I would die.

    Long term Doxy has helped that. I still have pain and stiffness, but it is not at a level 10 (out of 10), that it was then.

    I am still treating and still working on pain and stiffness. I am so grateful for my Lyme Literate MD who follows ILADS guidelines.

    I was given hope when I figured all this out...on my own...from reading and research and an Igenex western blot that I interpreted with the help of info from Dr Burrascano's "Advanced Topics in Lyme Disease" in the link above.

    I found a LLMD who gave me a 6 hour exam and evaluation, along with labs. He confirmed my suspicions. His help has changed my life.

    I may never be 100% because so many mainstream Dr's failed to recognize the real cause for so many years, but I will take all the improvements that I can get.

  5. sascha

    sascha Member

    i've been gluten free for long time (years). was having very little sugar (a little honey from time to time) or dairy (cup of plain nonfat yogurt daily in blender drinks; sometimes cheese). have now taken further step into Paleo diet, which is no grains whatsoever, even gluten-free ones; no sugars of any sort; no dairy at all.

    this approach to eating is said to combat inflammation, for one thing. there are other benefits i've read about as well.

    can seem like a dire approach when considering that so much of Western diet is based on cereal grains and that's what we're used to, BUT i'm finding it surprisingly pleasant and interesting to be doing. i need to be vigilant to always keep high-quality proteins on hand (like grass-fed beef; organic chicken..), plus organic produce, both large variety of vegetables and fruits. nuts and eggs are part of the plan, and i include coconut oil.

    so far i'm noticing that i feel better; appetite under control. i'm really a carbo addict, but being totally away from even the gluten-free breads, plus rice, even quinoa seems to evaporate those cravings. the food i'm having is so good, and feels so good that i can stay with it.

    there's lots of information online that includes meal planning, recipes, lists of approved foods for Paleo plan. there's a surprising number of really good options and ideas i wasn't aware of. many new things to try.

    i've been following this plan strictly for almost two weeks and feel greatly encouraged to continue. my health concerns also are inflammation, cholesterol, thyroid--i've had cfids for 12 years and it has been tough.

    i'm going to keep going the Paleo route and see what happens. so far i'm very motivated to keep going. i love the food. sascha

    *also there's a convincing rationale for this way of eating. cereal grains were introduced relatively recently (@10,000 years ago) to humanity with the advent of agriculture. we didn't evolve on such foods, and many people don't do well on them. good luck!
  6. Nanie46

    Nanie46 Moderator

    You may want to also check out Dr Terry Wahls' youtube video titled, "Minding Your Mitochondria".

    Dr Wahls cured her progressive MS through diet and she tells how she did it in that video.
  7. chloe_s_mom

    chloe_s_mom New Member

    so thankful, Nanie46, that you have found some answers. What a heck of journey, alas not over.

    How did you find a LLMD?

    I became soooo discouraged at the information re. diagnosis Lyme's - esp when it is chronic, and wonder how the heck I would find a LLMD. I had a terrible time in the Fall trying to find a new GP - I was actually refused by two as they were 'uncomfortable' treating me due to my pain meds (!!) which aren't even very exciting.

    I have been given a defacto dx of FMS (but it just doesn't quite fit, in my mind), by a pain specialist, but worry that new symptoms will be thrown into the FMS pile (too many assumptions), instead of investigating other routes.

    I will re read (maybe get my hubby to read) Dr Burrascano's info that you mention.

    On a slightly different note, I followed Dr. Holtorf's link (first link that you gave) to a center and found it fascinating that Lyme's, FMS/CFS, and thyoid issues are all being examined/treated at that centre (then again, at WPI, it is autism, atypical MS and ME)
  8. chloe_s_mom

    chloe_s_mom New Member

    for sharing!

    I've heard of the Paleo diet - seems rather sensible in many ways - quality, unprocessed foods.

    I have also read about coconut oil - do you use it for cooking? salad dressing?

    Going yogurt free would be a big jump for me. I'll start with the gluten free first :)

    I need to remind myself (and my husband, who has to do almost all of the grocery shopping these days) that I want to avoid frankenfoods (just bec it is gluten free doesn't mean that the highly processed cold cereal is actually good for you, as an example)

    I wonder if my hubby wouldn't benefit from a gluten free diet. He has non stop, year round allergies and is suffering from fatigue (well, it is winter). He eats a ridiculous amount of cereal every day (mixing bowls worth ha!) and is very lean, but not in a athletic energetic way.

    Again, thanks for sharing - would love to know how you making out with this regime!
  9. chloe_s_mom

    chloe_s_mom New Member

    for responding! After seeing a post last week, I believe from you, re lemons, I sent my hubby out for some and my eldest daughter and I have been enjoying lemon water (well, she eats the lemon wedge).

    I have never thought of squeezing the lemon into coffee! I too like my morning cup of Joe.

    Will check out the charts that you are referring to. i have to be very, very careful with acidic foods due to the intersitial cystitis. Think salt on an open wound. Interestingly, many people with IC react to different foods - not just acidic ones. I did read somewhere re. a link between 'leaking gut' and IC. Even gluten free diet is suggested for some ICers.
  10. Nanie46

    Nanie46 Moderator


    I found a LLMD by going to on "flash discussion"...sign up for on "Seeking a Doctor" on "Post New Topic" and create a post asking for a LLMD in your state...put the state in the title of the post so people can see what you need.

    Then you would recieve at least one private message with info. There are more LLMD's in the eastern US than in the midwest or west.

    Another way to try to find a LLMD would be to contact the Lyme disease support group in your area.

    There are lists of support groups on the left side of the page on click on Support Groups, then click on the correct United States, and then click on your state.

  11. chloe_s_mom

    chloe_s_mom New Member

    watching this video. I have a lot to learn and am grateful to all of you for your willingness to share info - much appreciated!
  12. sascha

    sascha Member

    my granddaughter's name is Chloe! i call her Chlo-bear. but i digress.

    you asked how i use coc oil--i put @ 1 tsp each in my two morning cups of decaff (they have a smidge of real coffee added). and i melt some on stove (i put the solid coc oil in a coffee mug and put it in a pan where i've just boiled water. takes minute or two to melt) then i drink it, but i do this right after i've had a meal. i want to work up to @ 2-3 TBsp/day.

    i haven't used it in salad dressings. not sure how. i apply it every day to my skin: my face, and it varies- sometimes legs, hands, arms from time to time. is so great in a hot bath with magnesium oil. feels sooo good to do that right before going to bed. wow

    i should have crashed recently after staying overnight with grandchildren. i stayed up very late, didn't sleep well, and was up by 5 a.m. i should have been down and out for days after, but i wasn't. maybe Paleo and coc oil are helping.... and magnesium oil. we shall see.... sascha
  13. sascha

    sascha Member

    oh, and i cook with the coc oil (forgot to mention that) sascha
  14. Picklington

    Picklington New Member


    I try to eat anti-inflammatory foods when I can. It doesn't make a huge difference but I figure every little helps! & I do crave anti-inflammatory foods when my pain is bad.

    I find that cherries are the most effective anti-inflammatory food for me. Dark chocolate also helps, but not for anti-inflammatory purposes, rather because it gives you a dopamine boost and dopamine is a chemical produced by the brain that reduces pain. Poppy seeds help me too for the same reason.

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  15. TigerLilea

    TigerLilea Active Member

    I started doing Dr. Terry Wahls' diet a few weeks ago. I am starting with the veggies and will consider eliminating the gluten and/or dairy depending on how I feel after getting up to the nine cups of veggies per day. She claims that it does work for some people with CFS. I'm wondering if combining the Wahls' diet with Rich Van K's protocol might make each one work that much better??
  16. chloe_s_mom

    chloe_s_mom New Member

    Hi Tigerlilea! Thanks so much for responding!

    How are you finding the Wahls diet? I am interested in the smoothies aspect as well as that seems like a good way to get some veggies into my kids.

    I haven't bought any of her books yet, so I don't know if she addresses things like legumes and nuts?

    One thing that she does repeat often on her Facebook page is doing what one can (doesn't have to be all or nothing, is my interpretation) but that at minimum, be dairy and gluten free :( I am doing okay on the gluten free side of things, but dairy free will require a big change for me.

    However, I am reading, over and over, the role of gluten and dairy (namely, the casein) in promoting inflammation, which is the opposite of what we want.
  17. chloe_s_mom

    chloe_s_mom New Member

    I looooove cherries and hadn't thought of them, though I did see a couple of recipes recently combining greens (like spinach and wilted chard) with fresh (or frozen) cherries - sounds yummy! And I saw a recipe for green lentils with cherries, as a salad.

    Have you found a good way to increase your omega amounts? I'm still very confused about the different kinds but have read horrible stuff about omega 6 from plant sources?? something about not only being processed by being bad for us??
  18. chloe_s_mom

    chloe_s_mom New Member

    My youngest daughter (Vivian) calls her big sister Chlo-Chlo, which is cute (well, to the rest of us anyway) ha!

    I chose the name Chloe bec it is short, easy to type ;)

    Is the coc oil in a solid? I'm wondering what to look for at the health food store. I have heard wonderful things re. it as a body oil. Have you considered adding essences to it?
  19. chloe_s_mom

    chloe_s_mom New Member

    much appreciated!

    Also, that video from Terry Wahls is incredibly powerful, interesting and not gimmicky. Thank you so much for posting that link - my hubby watched it and was blown away (maybe he will break his carb/cereal addiction at some point?).

  20. Nanie46

    Nanie46 Moderator

    I also have coconut oil. I read that is is best to use organic extra virgin coconut oil. I have Nutiva brand. It is not quite a solid and not a liquid...kind of in between, depending what temp it is stored at. It melts at 76 degrees.

    One Dr reversed her husband's Alzheimers disease with coconut oil.

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