Anyone try BioPreparation Algae? I'm going to

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by claudiaw, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. claudiaw

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    give it a try. It's suppose to be way better than Chorella and other algae's. It ws tested and developed in Russia I think, by a man whose family kept dying of cancer's.

    it's suppose to balance the endocrine system, which I believe is messed up in FM and othe immune system condition's.

    Yu are suppose to be able to reduce or eliminate many other supplements, so I'm going to use it. I have my dog on it for his Mast cell cancer.

    they have a human formula and a pet formula.

    it would be great if it worked and I could take less supplement's. I just can't afford all I take, and I'm tired of taking so many pills.

    If anyone is interested, it's BioPreparation, I don't think I can give the site I'm not sure. But it talk's about holistic lifestyle and how you can overdue some supplement's and has info on pet food, etc.

    it's interesting, if you are into that kind of thing.:)

    have a good night,
    the guy who runs the site is really good about answering questions, which to me is a plus. I hate e-mailing companies and never hearing back!

  2. claudiaw

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    I tried it today, I think it is detoxing a bit, which is good ( tummy rumbling).

    I hope to increase my energy.

    My dog has it w/cottage cheese and flax and he runs around the house afterward. i would love to run around anything!

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    I see it provides Astaxanthin. I took Astaxanthin a few years ago, along with methyl B12 and grapeseed extract. After more than 17 years of a non severe stop headache this combo cleared it. I chose this specific three because they were all said to cross the blood brain barrier; I felt my brain needed all the help it could get.

    Hope this works for you. Know the feeling about taking too many pills; but the combos often have the wrong amounts or additions I don't want.

    I'm struggling financially too, but there's supps and herbs I took in the past that I don't need now, or I can get by with a lower dose. Problem is what I'm taking now are working well for Sx that did not respond to anything else.

    TC, Tansy

  4. claudiaw

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    thanks for responding. it was a bit lonely there for a while.:)

    I do feel it helps my energy. I'm hoping it can replace some of my supplement's. I just can't continue to spend all that $, between, me and now my dog, it cost's too much.

    there are some supplement's I take just because I think they're helping because of research, who know's. I'm afraid of cancer, since my mom died so young of it. So I take lot's of anti-oxidant's.

    i eat a lot of t.v. dinner's, becuaes i can't cook, likeI ue to, so I need extra vit's.

    best wishes to you,
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    where I live, a polluted city environment, because they offer an alternative to supps and provide a kind of insurance. If you are unable to prepare meals from fresh produce then I believe you have made a good choice.

    Yep I saw your post had gone unanswered and felt it deserved one. Even when we feel something is right it can help when others recognise why.

    I guess it's like my photography which used to mean a lot to me; even though I knew what worked well and what didn't having just one person with an expert eye make a postitive comment would keep me going for months.

    Take care Claudia, Tansy [This Message was Edited on 10/28/2007]
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    I appreciate your response. I try to respond when I see no one else has.

    it is depressing when you write to yourself! It's nice to get a response.:)

    i just thought, we are all alway's trying to find something that will help, this is suppose to better than regular chorella and spirulina ( which I use to use) most of use ned to save money, plus I'm looking for supplements to help my dog.

    This seems to fit the bill, so to speak:), for all those, so I thought i'd share.

    i'm glad at least one person saw it.:)

    take care,
  7. claudiaw

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    O.K. I will.
    So far I feel a bit more energy right after I take it, I never felt that w/chorella or sprirulina.

    I'm hoping it will balance my sytem. I still think FM/CFS is an imbalance in the edocrine system(at least partly) that get;s let untreated.

    We'll see.:)

    take care,