Anyone try cutting 10 mg Toradol in half?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Jen F, Jul 20, 2003.

  1. Jen F

    Jen F New Member

    It is not scored. Maybe not supposed to cut it.

    but I am about to take my first dose and am a little scared since I have reacted badly to a number of drugs recently.

    however, I am in pain, have been for several days and need a break from the pain.

    So, anybody try cutting the lowest dose [10mg] in half?


  2. Jen F

    Jen F New Member

    took 1/2 toradol early this am

    if i don't feel bettr soon, i hope i die...

    won't kill myself, but will pray for death

    sorry to be morbid, but i'm tired of suffering
  3. MiahRoo

    MiahRoo New Member

    We ALL know that feeling. Just not being able to take it anymore...but still we seem to get through each day. I've already been in the ER screaming and begging for a doctor to knock me out for a few days. Anything to stop the pain. I got so upset once I begged for the doctor to hit me over the head with something to knock me out if he refused to use medication. I think I really scared the med student. :p I'll send my best positive energy your way and I hope you're feeling better very soon. Nobody should have to go through what you're going through right now. *air hug* ( don't want to hurt you ) ;)
  4. Jen F

    Jen F New Member

    nauseau has mostly passed now, thank god.

    I somehow must wash and dress. Need to get out to the vet for drops for my cat. Been trying for a week, but haven't made it and tomorrow i will be completely out... Maybe I will try to pop in to my Great aunt and Great uncle who live a block away from vets and who I haven't seen for a few months though they live only about 10 blocks away from me...I wonder if they've totally given up on me...

    I just made an appointment with a Chinese guy for acupuncture tomorrow. Massage therapist referred me, he really helped her when she had a short term neck problem. Hopefully it helps the pain. It's cheap, so not terribly surprising that I get a man who speaks no english answering what is obviously a residential phone [father?] and the phone line is all buzzy....hopefully the place isn't a total dump :)

    I also booked with a diff chiro on Wednesday, maybe he will be able to give me more clear ideas on what I should and shouldn't do with this injury. But, I am worried about lying flat at both of these appointments because it aggravated my neck and raises my pain for hours and I don't seem to be able to take much for it...

    But, this Chinese guy sold my massage therapist a Chinese herb mixture that includes corydalis, which, acc to my research can be a potent pain reliever, so hopefully his brand will help me more than the 2 brands I've tried.

    First type was the wrong corydalis: turkey corn, which is not the proper corydalis for my kind of pain, second type is a very cheap corydalis and sugar pill from Chinatown. The Chinese Naturopath from my Nat. clinic picked it up for me, but it's really cheap and I think not very potent. The brand is Sichuan ChInese Traditional Medicine Factory, China.

    Anyone tried a good form of corydalis that worked for them?

    probably not, or you wouldn't be telling me stories about begging for pain relief, would you....

    Thanks so much for caring guys...It's so hard to suffer so much for so long... I'm doing the best I can.

  5. AC77

    AC77 New Member

    Please dont die. Toradol is VERY strong. In fact its usually only given as follow up after having been given it IV or IM and then for 5-7 days tops. If you have Prilosec, Nexium or Axid TAKE IT,(ask pharmacist/Dr 1st) 1 hr prior to the Toradol and take it WITH FOOD and a full glass of water or juice and dont lie down for 30-40 mins! This will drastically help with the nausea and GI problems. This med is an NSAID. If you require a strong one with less side-effects, Idocin (indomethacin) is good but also has a plethora of side-effects, but still short of toradol. It comes in a suppository if you cant stomach pills. Bextra is also a Cox-2 Inhibitor, NSAID with few side-effects and little GI problems. Its not for people allergic to Sulfa drugs however.

    I would call Mr or Ms Doctor as soon as possible and see if they can give you something else. I would skip the NSAIDS if advised, and ask for at minumum, Ultram and hopefully something stronger. Sounds like you don't stomach meds well. You may require an antiemetic such as Phenergan or Compazine. There are many options. AND there is NO reason you should be in pain. MAKE that damn doctor treat you. If need be go to the ER.

    I know I give that lecture and advice too often. LOL


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  6. Jen F

    Jen F New Member

    I'm in a lot of pain AGAIN...

    I was able to function part of today [because of Toradol?] and did make it to the vet's and my great uncle's place, but the pain is driving me a little bananas right now...

    Unfortunately, we don't have Ultram here in Canada. Too bad, since I hear it helps so many of you.

    I've been taking natural stuff good for pain and inflammation:
    flax oil, fish oil, eve primrose oil, B-50 complex, subling. B, rescue remedy, Calmag, quercetin, bromelain, epsom salt bath, etc etc etc.

    Maybe I'm not taking enough of some of the right things.

    Or maybe I just need better pain meds.

    Maybe hydrocodone or morphine would help me, but I'm afraid to take any other opiods until I reduce my benzo, don't want another CNS depressive episode. But, i can't reduce my benzo quickly, and don't want to reduce any further at all right now cause I need a break from the terrible withdrawal I've just been thru and I don't have enough good medical support.

    Thanks for the advice about tummy stuff i could take with the toradol.

    hopefully I will make it through tonight and maybe the acupuncture tomorrow will help.

    Off to put some tiger balm on.

    tired and in pain, but grateful to your replies, thanks.


    Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh....I just put tiger balm all over my neck and arm and TOOK OFF MY BRA [which lately has become an instrument of torture?], and put on a comfy, soft pajama top. The pain is ALREADY 8-10% improved just from those 3 things....

    BTW, I just put in an online grocery order for my first time - wish me luck, I hope the service is good. Shopping has been a problem for some time with my low energy, but now with my neck/arm problem and my inability to lift's a bigger issue and my homemaker is on vacation so won't be here on Tues like usual. I hope the delivery people don't freak when they realize they will have to carry my 5-7 bags of groceries up a flight of stairs rather than transport on a dolly like most apt buildings. No elevator here. I will probably have to move to a place with an elevator sometime in the next 2 or 3 years...but for now, my cat has access to a little back yard and so do I. When he dies -- I'm outta here. [I say that optimistically...don't have the Energy to move and way too much stuff. so many problems does Jen F have, but I'm sure many of you can relate.]

    At least i have a TINY bit of pain relief. While I am at home, the bra will stay in THE DRAWER! LOL!

    Shirl? [is it?] I have a vision of your description of your bra hanging on your computer chair most of the time! :)[This Message was Edited on 07/21/2003]
  7. Jen F

    Jen F New Member

    I did take the toradol with some food and I didn't actually throw up for more than 3 hours afterwards, but gosh I felt awful.

    I will keep the zantac, etc in mind, i hope lol! So many things for me to........try to remember....just as I was typing this I remembered something I forgot..

    gotta go make a phone call.

  8. AnnetClo

    AnnetClo New Member

    This is so interesting about Toradol. When I worked in the ER this was the med that the suspected drug seekers got instead of the Demerol, Dilaudid or Morphine that they really wanted. It got to the point that when they asked what they were getting we used the generic name because a lot of people would just walk out if they knew they were getting Toradol. We always gave it IM though (never Z tracked) and only physicians were allowed to give it IV.