anyone try diet to help? if so which one? antibiotic overuse in past?

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    I am back again after many years. I have an 11 yr old now and it was before he was born that I was here very regularly. A decade has passed and my fibro and diabetes have gotten much worse, I have no good days now, everyday is a struggle. I know as I age further I will be in very bad shape by 60, I'm 54 now. I have neuropathy in my feet, very uncomfortable, but I can still get around well.

    The only thing that has helped me in the past is going on a sugar and carb free diet. I have only succeeded 1 month at a time,, maybe 3 times since I've been sick. It is such a hard diet to follow, since both types of food are my weakness. I'm
    wanting to try the gaps diet, since I know my gut is unhealthy and I have at least 2 autoimmune diseases. I was wondering if anyone here has had good results with it? I would love some buddies who are following the diet , to hear of your success, and recipes, and ways you could stay on this very restrictive diet! (going alone is very hard).

    Have any of you had rounds and rounds of antibiotics all your life? I started at birth with a staph infection that kept me in the hospital 3 weeks with antibiotics, as a child lots of ear infections with antibiotics, and as a teen with acne I was given rounds of antibiotics for at least a solid year. This continued once in a while as an adult. Also I was give the rubella vaccine, twice as a child, once when I got married , and at that time protocol was if you were immune to the virus they just kept giving you the vaccine after you gave birth, they gave me the vaccine in the hospital after the birth of my first 2 children, while I was breastfeeding. They stopped giving the vaccine to women in the 90's. In the 90's I saw the 60 minutes program, about this protocol of giving the vaccine to women multiple times, and they were interviewing women who complained of muscle pain and headaches that would not go away after getting multiple rubella vaccines. My headaches and fibro got worse in the 80s after the vaccines I received.
    Have any of you gotten multiple rubella vaccines in your childbearing years? I feel this may have pushed the toxic overload even further! Please reply if you have, I am so curious, and excited that maybe this diet can help lessen our pain.