Anyone try herbal supplements... did it help?

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    I am sort of new to this whole fibromylagia and fatigue stuff and already am sick of trying different medications. I found Effexor XR to be horrible and even made me feel worse. After almost 2 months I gave up on it and couldn't handle how much worse it was making me feel, then when I stopped taking it I had the WORSE withdrawal... thought I was going to loose my mind for a couple of days. I am now taking Ambien to sleep at night, so far it's doing well but I still don't have any energy during the day and sometimes alot of pain. I started taking Greening power, catalyst U and AminoGest at the recommendation of a health food store owner who claims to have been diagnosed with FMS years ago. She says she is now virtually symptom free. Right now I am willing to try anything because I am desperate to get my energy back, I have a 1 and 2 year old to take care of! Hoping to hear from anyone who has had any luck with the natural herbal supplements... or just any advice for getting energy back.
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    They often work better than meds, in the long run, for us w/ environmental disease. I've had many doctors admit that, even if they were dubious about these natural things they knew little about personally.

    The key is to find the right ones that help you, there's no one size fits all. But a good multi vitamin w/ minerals is a must, as well as some essential oil supp, like salmon oil is my must have, but many use flax, borage, hemp is great too, its the most balanced.

    I've heard Effexor is the worst thing to get off of. I think most ad's are though, they say they aren't habit forming, but they sure as heck are, your body gets totally dependant on them. And that's whether they ever worked or not, as you just found out.

    You might want to try St. John's Wort. Its mild for depression, sleeplessness and anxiety, but can lower your pain a bit and greatly help w/ PMS. Magnesium maleate might take the edge off your morning stiffness too. Any good mineral combo does seem to take the edge off and make you feel relaxed, since minerals are natually alkalizing.

    You'll really want to check into alkalizing to feel generally better. There's lots of info on here lately.

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    A good place is to start drinking "The Shake" every morning, also on "The Road to Remission" thread. I used it to get off prozac; am now getting along with sam-e and St. John's Wort for depression and anxiety. Still working on the daytime energy thing.

    I think diet has something to do with it. A lot of people on here have written about changing their diets and howmuch it helped. Magnesium/malic acid helps the pain--you can get it from Pro-Health, it's called Pro-energy. Good stuff. I didn't have good luck on the Ambien--felt too drugged. You may want to switch to something else eventually. Deseryl (prescription) works well for me and isn't addictive; others use natural things.

    Keep reading this forum and write in with your questions.

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    Vitamins and herbal tablets, I have found, have been the BEST way to go for me. All other prescriptions given by the Dr haven't worked, so I ended up doing my own research as to what might be helpful, and have now come up with a nice little concoction:

    At breakfast, I take for the day:

    1) 1 250mg magnesium tablet
    2) 1 Evening Primrose tablet
    3) 2 multi vitamin tablets called "Nature Bee"

    (Not trying to sell the product here, but I have been taking Nature Bee now for over a year and find that my body processes it a lot better than manufactured vitamins.)

    4) Sometimes I take an iron tablet if I'm low in iron.
    5) For a period I was taking 1000mg of Vitamin B12, and it did my body wonders, and made me actually feel a lot better, but that period didn't last for long. So perhaps you can only take so much of Vitamin B12.

    And that's all I take. I have been recommended to take a Vitamin B Complex, but I don't react to that very well. But it is a recommendation I would make to others.

    6) I take Valerian tablets if I need help with sleeping. These are also very effective.
    7) In regards to pain management ... well, I do have to resort to manufactured tablets like panadol, aspirin, or the like.

    Hope this is of some help to you!
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    I've been taking herbal supplements for about 3 weeks now and WOW what a difference they are making! I have to admit that I think the Ambien is playing a huge role in my feeling better during the day because I am finally sleeping at night, but since taking the herbal supplements in addition to the Ambien I have had such an increase in my energy level during the day. Sure I still have aches and pains in my joints, but at least I don't have fatigue to deal with on top of that. I pray the combination of herbal supplements and Ambien to sleep at night keep working because I am so thankful to have some energy back. My next step is to try and "natural" supplement to help me sleep at night instead of the Ambien. I hope anyone who is getting sick and tired of trying prescription medications that don't work will give herbal supplements a try because I can't believe they are working this well.