Anyone Try Mirapex

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    After reading the article on this site about the dopamine agonist Mriapex I had my Dr. write me a script. Will start taking it tomorrrow and see what happens. I am hoping quit taking Ultram(tramadol) as it can be bad on the liver and sometimes my liver tests are not 100%.
  2. mrafirst

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    Hi, Pitapoo,
    I have not taken Mirapex, but my DH has used it for about 3 years in conjunction with Oxycontin for the treatment of severe Restless Leg Syndrome. He has had good luck in improving his ability to sleep with this combination and not had any untoward side effects from it. In fact, the Mirapex seems to be the more active ingredient in the combination. I am hoping that this helps you as it has helped him.
    Mary Rose

    PITATOO Member

    I slept well without any pains in my hands from CTS and neck or not much numbness this am. Now this is after seeing my Chrio also. But I did sleep good without taking my Remeron; which can put on the weight. Hopefully this will help me get to my goal weight for which I am only 23 lbs off now. - Bobby
  4. twinkles49

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    My doc prescribe it for my fibro. He beleives that fibro is caused by low dopamine levels.

    The only thing that it has helped with for me is the Restless Leg Syndrome. So I sleep a bit better now.

    I had to start taking a super low dose of it and increase slowly ot the right dose.
    It can make you sick to your stomach. Kind of reminded me of being pregnant where you get that wave of nausea come over you and then goes away after awhile. I also lost some weight at first cuz of the nausea and it seemed to cut my appetite. The nause went away after a few days.

    Take care, Twinkles :)

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