Anyone Try Using Ultimate Zapper?

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    Remember me? I spent about 2 years trying to figure out what was wrong with me. With tests from Igenex Labs test and also another test from Central Florida Research which tests for the borrelia burgdorferi bacteria in the blood, I ruled out Lyme. A doctor located in Ormond Beach, FL concluded that I suffer from CFS/Fibro with Epstein-Barr as the underlying cause. With a treatment protocol consisting of a combination of antiviral medication and food cycling to get around the food allergies that developed from the immune system dysfunction, I have gotten to feeling about 80% better.

    But that's not enough. It's got to be possible to get 100% well and I am committed to doing it.

    On another message board I found this:

    and one of the components of this person's success story is using the Ultimate Zapper by Ken Presner. After researching it, and talking to a local naturopath, it seems like something that could really work. It's creator claims to have cured himself of MS and Crohn's disease. Another person got their immune system back on track with it so that it began fighting the Epstein Barr virus to the point of being symptom-free.

    I'm just wondering if anyone else out there has had any positive or negative experiences with this product or something like it.

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    Oh don't be such a skeptic!!! After reading this post, I stuck my finger in the electrical socket and I feel no pain. What a miracle!!

    BTW Dark Field Microscopy is not a procedure that is legitimate. Several studies have been done and it does not work.

    Yeah, really!!! :eek:)


    ETA After doing some investigating, Hulda Clark, the person who originally invented this zapper, has been arrested, cited for misrepresentation of the device, has a clinic in Tijuana that has been investigated. Her books are self published. She also believes a parasite not indigenous to the US is the cause of cancer.

    Several people have died due to delayed treatment because they were using her methods.

    She sells her zapper to alternativ doctors, they can "refine" the zappers and can say they also "invented" these machines.

    She also has people posting on websites.


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    I'm not trying to draw raspberries out of the woodwork from all the skeptics out there. I'm trying to find out if anyone has used it.

    Not too long ago, there were a lot of skeptics when it came to chiropractic. There was a story on 60 minutes in which doctors from the traditional medical business (notice that I don't call it a profession) referred to chiropractic as "out-and-out quackery." Now we know chiropractic for what it is---legitimate.

    People on this board ought to know as well as anybody that the medical business doesn't want to be bothered with actually curing diseases and chronic illnesses. Chronic illnesses are too difficult to figure out and they don't strike the same emotional chord with pop culture as diseases like AIDS, Cancer, or those that befall celebrities (Michael J. Fox, Montel Williams, etc.) who decide to use some of their vast fortunes to raise awareness. It's funny how these celebrities don't give a rip about sick people until they become one themselves. Then you have those like Madonna, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and "Idol Gives Back" who don't get sick and would rather give vast fortunes of money to help people in Africa, whose main problem is their government. What's the deal with Africa anyway? It's seems to be the "in vogue" charity for the stars. The best way to help them would be to straighten out their government, otherwise the situation is hopeless. Those vast sums of money could be doing a lot more good at home finding cures for those whom the American medical business has turned their backs on.

    Woops, went off on a bit of a tangent there, but back to the main point, physicians would rather make money sucking you dry, selling you pills, and having you pay for office visits, hospital stays, and treatments that don't work. So when someone comes out with an alternative treatment, rather than be skeptical of it, we ought to be willing to give it a try and see if it works.
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    I got to thinking after reading my post that talking about other countries needing to straighten out their government is like the pot calling the kettle black. If our own government wasn't in bed with the drug companies, doctors, and hospitals, we wouldn't have the problems that we have with the whole health care system and research prioritization. But my main point remains that Americans with money to donate should go toward saving lives at home before worrying about foreign countries.
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    I would like to locate the sixty minutes episode or if someone else has seen it. Was it recent? I can't find it in any searches so maybe it is an older show?


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    This was quite a long time ago when the use of chiropractic was not yet widespread. It could have been as early as the late 60s or as late as the early 80s.

    I've got a memory like an elephant for some things and I can vividly remember--even picture the doctor saying the words, "out-and-out quackery."

    And at the time my mother, a registered nurse, was being treated by a chiropractor and getting great results. It really struck me how these doctors were driving so hard to the hoop with their smear campaign against chiropractic when it was producing such good results for my mother.

    This was my introduction to how evil the medical business is and how they criticize and try to shoot anything down that represents a threat to their revenue generation.
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    i have used the clark zapper and i only felt more miserable. it definitely doesnt help with hhv6 or ebv, i cannot speak for lyme or fm...
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    Mikie (member of this board) has posted several times about the zapper. She uses one and has gotten good results from it, so do a search for zapper. You might also do a post addressed directly to her.

    Re the AMA and chiropractic - there's a very well-documented and sordid history about the AMA trying to destroy chiropractic. If anyone wants info, do a google seach of "chiropractic AMA" and you'll find lots of info.

    When the idea of hand-washing was first presented in the 1840's as a way to prevent disease, it was greeted with hostility and ridicule by the medical profession.

    The traditional medical profession is not known for innovation or being open to new ideas, to put it charitably. It's much easier to be scornful --

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    I don't understand why you are so hostile towards traditional doctors and make openly obnoxious statements. I suppose when I fix a cleft lip on a 3 month old child who is uninsured using my traditional medicine developed surgery, I must be sucking this child dry and depriving them of an alternative treatment.


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    There is no evidence that the zapper works. This woman who may believe that her theories are correct, is making money off of people who are desperate for a cure. She is responsible for several deaths because she treated people who have cancer and stopped their treatment from oncologist. Many had cancers that are easily treated. they had gotten legitimate therapy would have lived.

    She has diagnosed many people who turned out not to have cancer and then pronouncing that they are cured. She has been arrested for practicing medicine without a license. Unfortunately, the case was dismissed because too much time had passed. Her clinic in Tijuana is under investigation. She has been sued by several patients that felt they were duped.

    She uses Dark Field Microscopy, which has been proven to not work. She claims that a parasite that can not be found in the US is responsible for cancer.

    I think it is highly unlikely that 60 minutes said Chiropractors are legitimate.

    Chiropractors, often treat people with nebulous illnesses or conditions that can self correct such as a bad back. If people think this is going to help then it is very likely that it will because of the placebo effect. However, the effect will not last and then you have to have more treatments.

    If you want an interesting read on Chiropractors, go to "Trick or Treatment" by Edzard Ernst and Simon Singh. Ernst is a professor of complimentary medicine and Ernst is a medical writer.

    His book also goes into the scientific method, why it is important, the monetary and health impact that unproven theories have on people.

    It is not that costly to test the validity of alternative meds., despite what the alternative business would have you think.

    Believe me it is a business, millions of dollars are spent each year on unproven theories.

    The bottom line is that you have personal choice. But it is important to be an informed consumer.

    If anyone is interested in the studies I have mentioned, I will be glad to provide them.

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    "Energetic testing such as syncrometers & electrodermal testing are based off the observation in modern physics that all matter vibrates at a specific & unique frequency."

    Electrodermal testing is primarily DC or low frequency AC and has ALMOST nothing to do with "all matter vibrates at a specific & unique frequency."
    {{Galvanic skin response (GSR), also known as electrodermal response (EDR), psychogalvanic reflex (PGR), or skin conductance response (SCR), is a method of measuring the electrical resistance of the skin.
    The device measures electrical conductivity between 2 points, much like an ohmmeter.}}

    The ohm is the unit of measurement for resistance. Conductivity is the reciprocal of resistance. I have an analog ohmmeter (actually a VOM = volt-ohm-meter) purchased in 1964 with which I can measure my "electrodermal response" between any two points on my body. First time I did it was in 1952. Also have two modern integrating digital VOMs with which I could do the same.

    Focus on the words "vibrational" and "molecule". "Vibrational" generates frequency. When talking about matter there are only atoms and combinations of atoms. The latter being, of course, molecules.
    {{{The vibrational states of a molecule can be probed in a variety of ways. The most direct way is through infrared spectroscopy, as vibrational transitions typically require an amount of energy that corresponds to the infrared region of the spectrum. Raman spectroscopy, which typically uses visible light, can also be used to measure vibration frequencies directly.}}}

    Now I have some experience with spectroscopy in the visible light range but none in the infrared or using Raman. But, without doing any further research, "syncrometers" ARE NOT SPECTROSCOPES in the nanometer wavelength (wavelength = speed of light divided by the frequency.) spectrum, nor in the millimeter, centimeter, or, probably, even in the decimeter wavelength spectrum. For the longer wavelengths an RF spectrum analyzer is used to examine the spectrum. I had (retired) years of experience with spectrum analyzers.

    For those of who wish to design and build your own very precise "syncrometers" I point you to:

    {{{{Applications for the frequency comb technique include optical metrology, frequency chain generation, optical atomic clocks, high precision spectroscopy, and more precise GPS technology. See, for example, Optical frequency comb for dimensional metrology, atomic and molecular spectroscopy, and precise time keeping.}}}} which points to:
    {{{{{Optical Frequency Comb
    The Measurement of Optical Frequencies
    Research within the Optical Frequency Standards Project at NRC is concerned with the accurate measurement of the frequency of electromagnetic radiation in the optical region of the spectrum and with the development of frequency-stable optical sources. Optical frequency standards are important for a number of applications, for example: dimensional metrology, atomic and molecular spectroscopy, and precise time keeping.}}}}}

    This web site all-to-frequently depresses me. In '95 - '96 I spent considerable time on the USENET newsgroup or some such. Couldn't take it after about a year either.

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    Hey thanks!! Are you a scientist?

    Here is an article about Dr. Clark from a San Diego newspaper. It is heartbreaking.

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    So I know I am a day late and dollar short but maybe we will get more responses to everything.

    As we already know many zappers can be purchased from anywhere online.
    for this example, I'll use ken's the ultimate zapper: (link not permitted, removed by moderator)

    why would ken offer a three month trial period on something he claims you can notice working within 2-3 weeks. in fact, he says to only run the zapper for 15-30 seconds the first time. How many 15-30 second zaps can you get out of three months to see if it actually works or not? If it doesn't work, return it to him and get your money.

    ken answers his emails every day so if there is any issue with the zapper or your feelings of it, you can email him. I don't know about other sellers of the zappers.

    There are about 300 testimonials on his site about how it resolved their underlying health issue. are they all completely fabricated? were all of these people feeling a placebo effect or were they really not sick?

    We all know modern western medicine is needed time-to-time, as someone pointed out for surgeries, but I think the main point is that people consult a medical doctor for anything and everything without the consideration of something more sensible like a change of diet. If someone has allergies, why do they take drugs? Why don't they figure out what exactly they are allergic to and see if they can resolve it without drugs? Same goes with headaches. Do people get headaches because they are aspirin deficient? the majority of people who have bad health are not willing to get to the root of their issue and wait until their pain is so bad surgery or massive amounts of drugs will be needed. who wants to suffer that much?

    I have read H. Clark's record of how she was arrested and charged with various things but that also happens with medical doctors, doesn't it? michael jackson's doctor could be charged with murder or manslaughter for administering too much drugs.
    SCRATCH THAT. i'm late on news like I am on this post:
    The doctor won't be charged and will be allowed to continue practicing medicine. remember, its just practice. maybe one day medical doctors will get it right.

    after I have been studying alternative medicines for a few years now, I can tell that the FDA and AMA does not like competition. If they believe chiropractic care to work and be an effective way to keep someone healthy, they will resort name calling and try to downplay chiropractic care. the same goes with herbalists, naturopaths, acupuncture, massage therapists, and quite certainly dr. clark could go in this category.

    I'm quite sure that if any of the professions I listed would not be able to help their patient/client out, they would recommend a medical doctor; however, medical doctors would be less likely to recommend their patient to a chiropractor, etc. just prescribe them more antibiotics and tell them to ignore the candida growing in their body.

    one final rhetorical question. if you go to the medical doctor because you're overweight and you have high blood pressure, for example, he prescribes you one of the drugs we see advertised on television. you take it for 3 consecutive months but your blood pressure doesn't go down and you now feel more lethargic, do you get a refund on the 3 months supply of drugs? How will he address the lethargic feeling, with more drugs?

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    I bought an Ultimate Zapper a couple of years ago when I was extremely ill with Lyme disease. I used it several times and began to suffer what felt like brain damage from the electrical current. Subsequently, I also began to have mini-seizure activity, which I had NEVER had before using this dangerous product. Since then I have had an EEG, which shows abnormal brain wave activity.

    Please be extremely cautious about purchasing this product.

  15. CPU

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    There is significant reasonable evidence that the zapper works very well. There are also many people who do not have success for reasons such as not having or following the right instructions. Evidence is available at . It is to long to put all of it on this post.

    You said: millions of dollars are spent each year on unproven theories.

    Yes and Billions are spent on things that do not work such as chemotherapy for cancer that often just make you dies faster.

    The funny thing is that chemo does not offer a satisfaction guarantee but most zappers do.

    However, the Ultimate Zapper is the worst one that you could buy.
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  16. Mikie

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    I have owned two Hulda Clark zappers. I do not believe they are a cure for diseases. That said, I do believe they can kill pathogens in the bloodstream. Most of us with these illnesses have chronic infections. In my own case, it was mycoplasma bacterium and some Herpes-Family virus, probably HHV-6, EBV, or CMV. I used the zapper when these pathogens came out of latency and reared their ugly heads. The zapper helped to drive them back into latency. It also cleared up a mild fungus in my toenails which almost all of us have down here in the subtropics.

    The zapper was a compliment to long-term ABX, AV, and transfer factor treatments. Pathogens had waged war on my body and, like a general, I brought out all the big guns at my disposal to get rid of them. I also gave myself injections of Heparin to get rid of excess fibrin in my bloodstream, a result of chronic infection. Fibrin traps platelets in it's web and provides clumps in the blood where pathogens can hide out.

    Whenever I felt as though a cold were coming on, I used the zapper and it was gone in a couple of days as opposed to my neighbors who suffered for several weeks. My Mom used it too and got the same results.

    I don't agree with everything Hulda Clark has to say but I do stand by my success with her zapper.

    Love, Mikie
  17. CPU

    CPU Member

    I too, love my zapper and it has helped me on many occasions.

    I found a good comparison chart at but the best over-all information is at .
  18. Jalov25

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    I have used the ultimate zapper daily for over a year with NO RESULTS. I have chronic lyme disease but have also used it for cold + flu but it dosn't seem to do anything. BUYER BEWARE-KEN PRESNER WON'T GIVE ME A REFUND.
  19. tig519

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    Sorry... something that someone claims will cure ALL diseases including cancer, should make anyone question it's legitimacy. Can it kill a parasite? I could buy that... bacteria? I could buy that too. But that's where it should end in it's claims. I think this article was referenced earlier...
  20. Abdulrahman

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    I followed most of the Beck Protocol for two months and found much better results than using Zappers whose voltage and current was too weak to wipe out my viruses. If the Ultimate Zapper has enough firepower than i beieve it can work but the secret is having enough elctrical power to kill viruses.