Anyone try Zyflamend for inflamation?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by scoop, Jun 28, 2003.

  1. scoop

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    Just wondering if anyone has tried Zyflamend for inflamation? I know Dr. Weil has recommended it.

    The only thing that concerns me is it consists of some things i am not to sure about. These are the ingredients:

    Rosemary 150mg
    Tumeric 11omg
    Ginger 1oomg
    Holy Basil 100mg
    Green Tea 100mg'
    Hu Zhang 80mg
    Chinese Goldthread 40mg
    Barbery 40mg
    Oregano 40mg
    Scutellaria Baicalensis 20mg

    Not sure about the chinese herbs and how safe they are.

    Anyone who has any input on this i would really appreciate it. For years i have had so many problems with inflamation. Right now my side of my hip and part of my leg is swollen so much. It has been this way for months and giving me trouble walking more than usual. I tried antiinlamatories and can't take them because of severe reactions. At my wits ends with inflamation, getting Bursitus everywhere too!

    Thanks for the help
  2. victoria

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    I found it after I'd taken care of most of osteoarthritic aches & pain and added it then. While I don't take it reguilarly anymore, when I know I have to do more, I add it on. Also take it other times when I just feel achy all over (like after falling over the dog!) -- helps with aches in general.

    Have you tried Sam-e and/or MSM and/or Bromelain?

    Those have been written about a lot, if you want to do a search in the posts on this board.

    Good luck, Victoria
  3. BethM

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    I tried it, it seemed to help, but I have GERD, and the ginger upset my stomach, woke up at 3 in the morning with stomach pain every time, darn it. Unfortunate, as it seems to be a good product. Do you want mine? I have the PM and the regular. I'm serious, I'll send it to you, if we can arrange that.


    RPEBEL New Member

    Hi, I am new to this board, and was wondering where would you buy the Zyflamed? Also could you answer a question please? I have been diagnoised with Fibro. I thought the doctors say it does NOT get worse, but something is going on in both of my knees, and all the test show nothing, at least on one of my knees. Could this be Fibro?? I am at my witts end on this and about to give up.

    Thank you,

  5. BethM

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    I bought my Zyflamend online at my favorite online vitamin shoppe which I cannot mention here. Most health food stores can order it, or search online sites for it.

    Penne, you might want to check into trigger points as possible causes for your knee pain. Tight hamstring muscles can also cause knee pain. Clair Davies' book The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook is an excellent reference. Also, if you type 'trigger points' into the search box on this message board site, you will find several discussions about it. This is just a thought, not in any way a diagnosis!!! You could bring information about trigger points to your doctor, too.

    As I mentioned above, I'd be happy to mail my bottles of Zyflamend to whoever wants them (is that legal to do??) since I cannot use them.

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  6. scoop

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    Thank you ladies!

    Glad to hear it can help!

    Victoria, Thank you for the information. MSM, Sam-e and Bomelain seem to help me a little. Hoping the zyflamend really knocks it out of me!

    Right now i am not taking any prescription medications for pain because i keep having terrible reactions to everything i try and am going out of my mind in pain! It has been this way for years! Unfortunately i know you all know how that goes!

    Beth, sorry if it was helping you and now you are unable to take it because of the Ginger. It seems sometimes if something helps us for another reason it doesn't! Hope you are ok after falling over the dog! :eek:)

    Penne, Hope your knees are doing better. I get terrible pain there too. Glucosamine Chondroitin really helps mine along with the Knox brand Ultrajoint Gelatine powder that you can mix with any liquid to drink. (It has an orange lid, you can find it at the healthfood stores) i take that in the morning and knox capsules at night. I stopped both for awhile and boy did i notice a huge difference. I could hardly walk and my hands cripple up. The knox is great for the nails too! Beth is also onto something with the trigger points! They can cause extreme pain. The book sounds really helpful, i have been wanting to purchase it for weeks now and haven't so thanks Beth for reminding me!

    Thanks again and if anyone has even more info, pass it on!

    Take care