Anyone tryed Acupuncture

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  1. 101247

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    Hi guys, my names AL, i tryed acupuncture about 3/4 years ago, I went to a traditional chinese practitioner who was actually English. Ihad to persevere cos for two months there was very little change, then i started to notice small changes, after three months it was such an improvement, not perfect but pains i'd had for years [i've had to put up with this c**p for almost 20 years]were suddenly bearable and i was sleeping through the night with no night sweats. The downside was that i had a young family then and the cost was prohibitive ,its feed the kids or suffer in silence, not much of a choice i'm back to square one and aint pain a lonely place to live.
    Anyone else had any results with acupuncture? love to hear from you .

    Hang in there guys love and peaceful nights to you all
  2. klutzo

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    I had 22 sessions of acupuncture a long time ago when I first got sick. I had a practitioner from China who could barely speak English. It had an effect for about 45 mins. after each session, then I went back to my usual pain. Like you, I could not afford to continue. The research I've seen on it, says it works on Fibro, but only while you continue doing it, so it is pallative, and most insurance won't pay for pallative treatment as it's too expensive for them.
    I hope you can find the cash to do it again since it helped you so much.
  3. schnoodle

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    I tried it for about 2 months. Can't say I noticed anything good from it at all. I found it hard to deal with the pain from the pins because I am so oversensitive to anything.
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    Had follow up visit w/my rheumy yesterday and asked him about acupuncture b/c I was considering it. He told me that it's been his experience w/his FM patients that it really doesn't seem to work very well. He said it seems to work @ 1st . . . which could just be a placebo effect . . . but not long lasting. On the other hand he did not tell me not to try it and I suppose there are some cases where acupunture really does help. He appears to be very knowledgeable about FM and a very caring dr. (he's pretty liberal w/pain meds(but not to the extreme) and he also believes in a good exercise/PT program. He does believe patients w/FM shd keep trying various meds and exercise programs @ their own pace in order to best learn how to manage this disease and thereby be more in control. But since that was only my 2nd visit ever, I have a lot to learn..........Nikki
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    It seemed to boost my energy after numerous sesssions. Helped pain slightly. I was glad for any help.

    I think a good PT or massage therapist helped me even more with keeping lumps down somewhat. Reflexology I love. It really is connected. I would ask when some parts hurt when worked on. That was the area of my body that was having the most trouble with. So the feet do tell us something.

    The bank is dry so anything that helped too much $$$$.

    The Bowen treatment was non invasive and really helped too.

    Take Care, money does help when 1 is ill. I just have spent so much on trying to get well, like many of us. Maybe should have taken that trip around the world instead of all the $$$ spent and here I am can barely move today because I ran errands yesterday. Or a good massage Hmmmmmm which 1
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    i had acupuncture done about 3 years ago for really bad tmj pain.i think i went for 3 sessions and it worked so well.i also had physio done one my jaws and around my ear where the pain was.i havent had too much trouble since then with tmj pain.
    ive been thinking of going for the pain i get in the back of my neck,thats the ongoing pain i have now.
    take care
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    Hi Al,
    I love Chinese accupunture because it relieves the leg pain and numbness. It is expensive and not covered by insurance. I have had great success with it and only use it when the pain gets really bad. I tried it for the arms but it doesn't seem to work for that pain, hands, elbow region and shoulder. My accupuncturist used heat on the arms and it felt some better but only for a short while. Hope this helps you in some way.
    Soft Hugs,
    Sandy (Cass)
  8. 101247

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    Hi again Cass,
    Your the first one that i've heard mention hands ,Thought i was alone on that one, [should 've known better!!!]Myhands are hurting 24/7, it's almost like arthritis, the bones click and i don't mean the joints, do you suffer a similar fate?.mornings are the worst, i can hardly hold my first cuppa.
    they're most painful at the base of the thumbs.
    it's truly amazing how the human body can tolerate so many pains from different areas at the same time[aren't we an amazing species].Anyone else out there have this problem?

    love and peaceful nights as ever, AL
  9. lassiecass

    lassiecass New Member

    Hello Al,
    Sorry to hear you also have hand pain. Yes, I have it in both hands but the right one is the worst cause I am right handed. I have electric shock pain sometimes and writing can be painful, but I work and have to do alot of writing. I have what my Doc says is carpel tunnel and tennis elbow, I have never played tennis in my life. Also bursitis of the shoulder. I use ice and heat alternating for relief when pain gets bad. We have a hot tub and I go out and soak them sometimes and that also seems to help. Let me know if you have any remedies as I am open to anything at this point.
    I hope this helps some, I haven't been very successful at stopping this pain verses the leg pain.
    Soft Hugs,
    Sandy (Cass)
  10. layinglow

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    My experience with acupuncture was that it gave me some relief from pain for a short time (a few hours) afterward, but it was not lasting. The cost outweighed the too short gain for me.
    Best wishes,
  11. 101247

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    Hello again Cass,
    I've tried many things ,all manner of pills and potions, needless to say the result was ziltch.
    I have to work and i find that after about an hour of graft the pain eases [albeit only slightly]but at least its something . soon as i'm home and trying to relax, back it comes.
    Perhaps my friend,
    anyone reading this might be able to help us[please God] All for now
    as ever love and peaceful nights
  12. lassiecass

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    Hi Al and everyone,
    I think Lifedancer is right. Each accupuncturist is different, I really like mine it is just so expensive that I only use her if I really need help with major pain attacks. I will keep searching for help with the hands and arms.
    Soft Hugs,
    Sandy (Cass)