anyone understand the ssdi point system?

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    I was told that I was short about 3 points to be able to get my ssdi. I was on ssi until my hubbys ssdi took over, then they cut me off. The case worker told me to find a job until I had enought points to be able to get the ssdi, but I cannot do that. First off I honestly cant think of any jobs that I could do, second off, I am afraid that if I do find something, then they will say " well you worked, so you arent disabled."
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    God bless, Julie
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    Do you have an attorney helping you? I just did a web search on SSDI and point systems.

    It looks like alot of people get attorneys because they can somehow understand the "system".

    I am sure more people will respond here...
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    I deal with SSI and SS clients everyday and have never heard of a point system or had a customer say they were so many points short... I'm not sure exactly what your caseworker is talking about.

    If your husband's SSDI is over the SSI amount you were receiving it will kick you off of it because you would be considered over the income limit. I think it's a ridiculous system and it frustrates me on a daily basis, because nothing about it seems fair and very little of it makes any sense.

    I see adults get kicked off all the time when their spouse starts receiving SS benefits, but I have several cases where children are receiving SSI and their parents own their own businesses or are working fulltime making good money.

    My own son has RND and RA and I talked w/ SS about him receiving SSI and they said that I couldn't apply for him if my income was over $603.00 a month.

    I know this doesn't help much but wanted you to know that I know your frustration.
    Good luck with it.
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