Anyone use an endocronologist as PC for FM?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by claudiaw, Nov 17, 2006.

  1. claudiaw

    claudiaw New Member

    I really think many of FM symptoms are glandular, can't find any Rhuemy's to do tests.

    i think a endo would be the best, but can't find one, they say to go to rhuemy.

    I have gone to 2 rhuemy's who have done no test's and won't prescribe pain med's ( neither would pain clinic I went to) just keep trying different anti-depressant's( I can't take) and muscle relaxers ( which do help).

    i want to try to find a cause, not just keep popping different pills with no rhyme or reason.

    Any suggestions would be welcomed.
  2. pattieland

    pattieland New Member

    I have just seen my first endo. and have had initial labs done (7am today) for cortisol, and all those T's (get confused what all they are & what their readings mean) and he is prescribing t4 & t3 (the t3 combo at my request b/c I feel I have needed it) don't have my follow up with him yet, but very impressed so far....he took more than an hour to talk to me, went over all my labs from FCC with me (said their cortisol blood test was useless b/c not done right time of am - hence, my visit to his lab this am - and that 50% of the tests done at FCC were useless in his opinion. I have had best energy from the new t4/t3 combo in YRS and whether it is the new rush of new meds change or the t4/t3 combo it is too soon to tell. My follow up is Dec. 5. Meanwhile, I am due to return to FCC clinic later this mo for infectious disease panel, and see what everybody has to say. SO FAR very impressed with this new ENDO as I have believed for several yrs (FM diagnosed 7 yrs, Hashimotos only in last 2 yrs) after reading about thyroid that so much is tied to proper thyroid treatment. ENDO also gave me the name of PROVIGIL for my overwhelming fatigue levels and told me to "research" it and let him know what I think. I did find that it is actually a "stimulant" and I am extremely sensitive to all meds/supplements/ pert'nere' EVERYTHING on the planet, it seems. But he did say that many docs use it Provigil) to stay focused, etc. SO he would be willing, if I am open to it. I lost my d.o. (he became a hospitalist -have to be admitted to hosp to see him now) and I am still searching for a new doc here (few take Medicare here in this area now - seem to have them a monopoly going with a band of docs who are not taking medicare) and I still feel I need a primary but meanwhile I wish I had know of this ENDO many, many yrs ago but had no idea my condition(s) were so related to endocrine system - hormones, etc. I am still learning every day - love all your posts when I can get to read them. Try an ENDO by all means. Best of luck, Pattieland
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  3. monamea

    monamea New Member

    Good morning claudiaw. I have a wonderful endo dr, he is very nice and checks out everything until he is satisfied with the results. He is kind and takes his time talking to me and listening to my complaints. He has never thought that I making up anything (like some dr's that I know). He is also the one that talked to my regular dr. and told him to get me therapy for my legs. He also found out that I was hypoklemic and keeps checking my potassium ( I almost died last October from low potassium). All the other Drs I use to have thought that I was just fat and needed to excersise, mind you I am a dairy farmer,gardener,grandmother who babysits alot, loves to can and rarely gets a chance to sit down. I have found out that I know my body more than alot of dr's. In most cases I had to tell them about fibro, cfs, and some of my other symptems. The P.A. I have now reads everything I bring him and is so concerned enough to read it. I now have a team of Dr's, counselors, etc. who belive in me and take good care of me. So believe your body when it is telling you something and find a good team of dr's. I hope this helps!

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