Anyone use compounded serotonin?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by greeneyeslk, Nov 15, 2006.

  1. greeneyeslk

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    I just had a follow up appointment with the Fibromyalgia and Fatique Clinic yesterday. I had went off my supplements for depression over a month ago as I had to for surgery. I am still taking Xanex for aniexty but need something more. The doctor prescribed a naturally compounded Serotonin(from ITC Pharmacy in Colorado)to raise my levels. Has anyone tried this? The compounding pharmacist said that they have only been prescribing it for 6 months and this concerns me. However, the doctor said it has helped alot of people at the clinic and that sometimes they combine with an anti-depressant like Celexa if after 4 weeks it isn't working enough. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Never heard of such a thing. Something I do take, is L-Tryptophan. It it an Amino Acid, available by prescription from a Compounding Pharmacist or is available online. If it is L-Tryptophan he ordered, he may not have told you that it MUST ALWAYS be taken with B-6, so conversion to Serotonin takes place in the brain, not the intestines.
    Also, should be taken AWAY from other protein sources, as the amino acids will compete for uptake in the brain.

    L=Tryptophan will help with sleep, depression, anxiety, food craving. Let us know how it goes, as I've never heard of compounded seratonin.

    I take other Amino Acids to boost different Neurotransmitter, besides Serotonin.
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  3. caroleye

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    Would be great if it didn't have side affects, like the oral 5HTP can (for me anyway).

    I'm doing neurofeedback right now to boost mine.

    Good luck & LIGHT****************carole
  4. greeneyeslk

    greeneyeslk New Member

    Thanks for the info that you shared. Is L-Tryptophan the same as 5 HTP? I have taken 5 HPT for 7 years. I did know about the B vitamins and 5 HPT but didn't know about the proteins. Do you mean that you shouldn't take it at the same time as eating protein? I received my serotonin via mail yesterday and also spoke to the pharmacist. I haven't started taking it and am a bit hesitant. Sleeplessness was listed as one of the side effects among others. The MD was going to have me replace the 5 HTP with the serotonin and the 5 HTP is what has helped my sleep for years. Also, the precaution form that came with the drug stated that it may or may not contain lorazepam, diphenhydramine, prochlorperazine, dexamthasone, haloperidol and metoclopramide. The only one of those drugs I know is the lorazepam and I already take Xanex for my anxiety so I really don't want to add it. I want to trust these compounded RX's, however, I also want to know exactly what I am taking. The pharmacist said that they get the serotonin from another company and he couldn't tell me exactly what is in it. He said that he could try to contact the company and find out for me. I have a problem being a guniea pig since this medicine is so new. I want to trust my MD at the FFC, but I am unsure if I want to start this medicine. The pharmacist couldn't tell me if there is withdrawal from getting off of it either since it is so new. I was taking St. John's Wort before and am considering just sticking with that and the 5 HTP and the Xanex when needed. What supplements do you take?
    Thanks for letting me vent!!! Any suggestions are appreciated.
  5. greeneyeslk

    greeneyeslk New Member

    Can you tell me about neuofeedback? Is is like bio-feedback?

  6. elliespad

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    They are NOT the same thing. Your body uses L-Tryptophan to MAKE 5HTP and other things. 5HTP is one step closer to becoming Serotonin, except it takes control away from your body what to make with the L-Tryptophan. If you go to BIOCHEMICALS with the common dot ending, you can learn about the major differences between the two.

    Both should be taken away from other proteins. I am still really curious about the Compounded Serotonin, and am now concerned about the MAY/MAY NOT contain "issues".

    Just take your time and do a little more research, until you feel comfortable taking the new Serotonin. The FFC Doc is likely quite competant and likely has experience with this med. Let us all know. I go to Norwalk, FFC, Dr. Campo. Where do you go?
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  7. greeneyeslk

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    That is interesting. I will check into that website that you gave me on the L-Tryptophan. I go to the FFC Clinic in Seattle, WA and see Dr. Laurie Marti. The clinic has been open about 1 1/2 years now. I have the Serotonin in my drawer next to the bottle of Cymbalta that I never took that was prescribed by my GP. I am nervous about getting started down the anti-depressant path. It seems that people have to switch them all of the time and some of the side effects are bad. So did your MD at the FFC prescribe you the L-Tryptophan? If so, I will have to talk to my FFC MD about it. How long have you been on it and do you think that it works very well? Do you have to take an anti-depressant along with it? Thanks for all your feedback. I feel like I can trust my fellow fibro friends on this site more than I can trust the medical field at times.
  8. elliespad

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    No, my FFC doc did NOT prescribe it. It was recommended by a Doctor I was treating with in California, Dr. David Gersten. I used to treat with him by phone about 5 or 6 years ago. Brilliant man!

    I don't have problems with depression, I was taking it for SEVERE sleep problems. But, it is a great product. It is an ESSENTIAL AMINO ACID. Meaning, it is ESSENTIAL to our health. We can have an L-Tryptophan deficiency, which MAY cause, insomnia, depression, aggitation, anxiety, food cravings, insomnia, pain, migrains. May cause some, or all. Noone has a Prozac deficiency or Cymbalta deficiency. Right? To each their own, but I prefer to try and correct the deficiency with something I believe to be safe.

    I used to take Doxepin 150 mg. for sleep when I added in the L-Tryptophan. My doctor said the 2 were okay together. On my own I gradually weaned down my Doxepin to 10 mg.

    The L-Tryptophan should not be taken by someone using MAO inhibitors. And it using another antidepressant, I would ask a Compounding Pharmacist.
  9. caroleye

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    Biofeedback has been around for many years; mostly to treat ADD kids. It's a device that they put on your scalp; measure your brain chemistry & put plugs into the areas that need adjusting.

    Neurofeedback is a newer method using a different machine. If you google it and also "LENS" (one I'm using) there's a ton of information on it.

    Very, very few Dr.'s are aware of this (except for ADD), but LENS lists the practioners across the country. if you go down that path, be sure to find a very experienced person.

  10. momnson

    momnson New Member

    used for years and works great without side affects...cymbalta gave me my life back without pain.

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