anyone use dragonspeak software?

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    college is saying the are recc. to learn it...because of all of my issues...they said they can get me a note taker for my classess...but how do they know what notes i what to take...

    i just can't swallow my pride yet...

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    upon a person's functional limitations, I think. In 1991, I attended classes in a graduate program in rehabilitation counseling and at that time, there were no reasonably priced voice recognition word processing software programs available for use with computers. My hands were very sore all the time and I experienced severe fatigue often. I used a small cassette recorder and recorded most of the lectures in addition to taking what notes I could manage. I devised a system of 'logging' the tapes in the notebook with the place where I could find the most important info without listening to the whole tape. (I would jot down the number shown on the cassette recorder, such as "435: Medical Aspects of XXX Disorder" and that would give me the place to start listening without listening to the whole tape.)

    It wasn't long before I found I could take notes almost as easily as I'd found possible decades earlier. I believe this improvement was mostly due to the relaxation of having the cassettes available as a 'backup'. Just knowing I could review the tape later helped relieve my tension and fear of missing something.
    Since my hearing and vision was not impaired, a notetaker was not allowed. (The Americans With Disabilities Act had just been passed and the colleges/universities were somewhat reluctant to provide all the assistance students with disabilities needed--although in many cases they claimed otherwise in their P.R. brochures.)

    I might have prevailed getting a notetaker if I'd argued for this assistance with greater determination. But I believe we have to save our energy for the battles we most need to win. I saved my energy till it was time to take the certification exams and requested extra time to take them--which I received. And for me, this was very essential help because fatigue slows me down quite a lot.

    Hang in there, Jodie. If you haven't done so already, consult the office for Students With Disabilities on campus to learn what assistance and resources are legitimately available to you. Remember, you are entitled to these resources and you are entitled to the help given. Don't let false pride stand in your way of accepting the assistance available, if these 'helps' will work for you and fit into your circumstances! You will still be doing the work assigned and it will still be fair to everyone for you to have a 'level playing field'.

    In fact, I believe that students with disablities bring special talents and gifts to their fields of endeavor and are extremely precious to the community in which they serve. Don't let anyone tell you diffently!
    With love, Dorothy
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    i'm just trying to figure out how does someone take notes for my math...that is something i need to use my mind to do right?

    but they, the disability counselors have suggested this for me...such as when i need to do essays....for like english or psychology..etc..

    she did mention a note taker for me...a tape recorder as well..

    they are giving me a temporary approval..but they still are awaiting for my darn hmo pcp or whomever to reply back..

    that is on my to do list...

    thank you again..i wondered how difficult it is to learn...

    counselor gave me an example on how it works...

    she said get in touch w/state vocational rehab she said they may even give me a computer and the software...etc...