Anyone use Duragesic Pain Patches?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by groundhogson, Jan 25, 2003.

  1. groundhogson

    groundhogson New Member

    Just wondered if anyone uses those pain patches? You wear them for about 72 hours I think. I had tried them several years ago and they worked great for about 12 hours - then they made me sick on my stomach and I had to take it off. Wondered if anyone else has had success with them?

  2. nancyneptune

    nancyneptune New Member

    before. They suck if you ask me. I didn't get sick but I was a zombie and I was so impacted from it that I needed dynamite! It was a dreadful experience,lol. The pain specialist didn't warn me that there was going to be such constipation. I had to stop using them.
  3. Rosesark

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    I tried Duragesic also, the lowest dose patch, but it gave me the worse pounding headache and nausea i've ever had. Then i tried oxycontin, it did the same thing. now, the doc at the pain clinic had put me on morphine, 30mg time release capsule, and so far just a small headache, but do have some nausea, but crackers help. He said he may try me on methadone if the morphine doesn't agree with me. I had to go without pain relief for 6 months before i went to the pain clinic because my primary care was uncomfortable treating my pain. I read that a lot of people are able to tolerate the duragesic, and that it helps them a lot. You can only try. Good Luck. Rose
  4. Fibromiester

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    ~~~I use the "Lidoderm" Patches, and you only leave them on for 12 Hrs. They seem to help, and they only tend to make me feel "spacey", sometimes. Other than that, I use them when my regular Meds. aren't doing anything for me and the pain is real bad. They are Expensive! I can cut them and use only half a sheet at each site.
  5. DebP

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    Hello, in regards to the question on Duragesic Patches, I share the opinion that they suck!!! I was on them for about two months, had dosage raised 3 times....and still hardly any results. They did not work for me at all. I am now on MS Contin which really seems to be working...although stronger and very addictive. Just be careful to research what u are taking very thoroughly before u fill the script and start taking it. Once you start something this strong it is very difficult to stop....I finally did bcus 7 years of suffering in pain found me not being able to take it anymore, but still be cautious.....DebP
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