anyone use garden of life fungal defense or probiotics?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Kimelia, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. Kimelia

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    What do you think of these products?
  2. Kimelia

    Kimelia New Member

    Is threelac a probiotic and kill fungus also? I have heard that one mentioned here a lot.

    Thanks for the input ladies :)

    Stormyskye I had posted a topic on tea hoping you might have some input. It is under todays topics if you have time and any input. Preciate ya.
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  3. Kimelia

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    the primal defense is helping get rid of the white coating on my tongue. Yet when I do the spit test in the am there are a lot of stringy things in the water. I put the pills in my coffee grinder since my digestion is bad and mix it with water and stevia to help with the flavor. Something is helping get rid of parasites. I'm not sure if it's the primal defense, aloe juice ors omething else i'm doing.

    I may try threelac at some point.
  4. Jeanne-in-Canada

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    For me anyway, and I've tried alot of the other more garden variety capsule form ones.

    I take the powder. That really goes to work on the white coating, much better than a pill ever could. The powder is better for me, so I can titrate my dose, had to start on half the dose and still can't get up to a full scoop.

    It is healing my gut like nothing else ever has. My bowels are so regular I can't believe it, I've been IBS-C all my life. After doing Questran last summer my gut was nothing short of corroded. Hard to believe the damage a 3 and a half week treatment can do. I had so many new food sensitivities, it hurt all day every time I had a BM, eating hurt my gut, I felt every pill I took all the way down. My bowels got so hard I was getting bleeding fissures. So that's all what Primal healed.

    It is not the total answer for me either though. It's a powerful probiotic,, but for my severely entrenched candida problem, it's not much of an antifungal. I almost think the yeast got worse. I suspect this is partly a detox reaction, w/ the Primal flushing so many toxins out of my system by finally stimulating my bowels to move.

    I've known for years that yeast causes most of my period and PMS pain. But i think it causes a huge amount of fibro pain now too. Every time I get a vaginal yeast infection, I'm not just swollen and painful in my abdomen and tailbone now, I get horrible bodywide pain that feels like neuralgia, esp. in my back. I think that may make me a good candidate for Threelac. maybe I'll get the same painfree results taht Stormy did.

  5. Kimelia

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    I put my primal defense in my coffee grinder and add it to water with a little stevia since my digestion doesnt work so well. I'm hoping this is allowing my body to get more of the good stuff from it.

    Ive started doing this with my vitamin and glucosamine chondroitin and the gc seems to work better when I do this. I think it works really well.

    thanks for the input, have a great weekend. :D