Anyone use Restasis?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by joyfully, May 10, 2007.

  1. joyfully

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    My opthamologist wants me to try Restasis ---plus steroid eye drops. Does anyone with RA or FM use the Restasis?

    What were your experiences with this medication?

    Does anyone else also take the steroid eye drops in conjunction with the Restasis?

  2. Ranigar

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    and Fibro is my dx.The Restasis has helped my dry eyes.I put a drop in each eye morning and evening.It did sting the first few times but not to bad.I keep forgetting to use it and I can tell the difference.I get several doses from a vial and keep it in the fridge.I don't use steroid drops just a gel.
  3. joyfully

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    I'm supposed to use the steroid eye drops for about a month in conjunction with the Restasis. I just can't use them at the same time. The steroid drops are to help get the inflammation out of the back side of both eyelids. They are both so irritated ; I thought the problem was on the eyeballs because they are so pink. It is the eyelid irritation that is making the eyeballs pink.

    Go figure.

    yes, I'm keeping the individual vials in the ref and disposing of them after 48 hours from the time that I open them. I am still using the Thera tears Gel in conjunction.

    I have a follow up in a month to evaluate whether I can go off the steroids and the efficacy of the Restasis.

    Thanks for responding. if I have anymore questions, I'll be sure to post them. I wish the Restasis vials were designed to be more user-friendly .