Anyone use tanning bed?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Carlacat, Feb 28, 2003.

  1. Carlacat

    Carlacat New Member

    I would love to go but dont want to if its gonna react with meds or make me worse.
  2. tandy

    tandy New Member

    I usually start going to the tanning salons in the spring.Just a hand full of times to get a base going.Then I get outdoors enough to maintain some color from the sun.
    I really LOVE to go...Its very relaxing!And the warmth feels real good on my achy body! I have never gotten a bad reaction from my meds while using the tanning beds.But you should be careful because some meds can cause you to burn faster!All salons should have a list of the meds to avoid.I think some of the antideppressants are on the list.I take elavil and I've been fine.However like I said I only go a very little bit. Start out with a little time(8-10 minutes)Alot of your color will show up later in the day~ Geverally I feel best in the warmer the tanning beds feel great to me!
    Give it a try~ Its almost that time of year!!Yeah!!
  3. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I used them all the time in the winter. I have SAD, so the light was very beneficial. Down here in Florida, all I usually have to do is sit by the pool or go to the beach. I think the benefits outweight the risks if used carefully.

    Love, Mikie
  4. sapphire

    sapphire New Member

    Since I own a 20 bed salon. You have gotten some good advice already. Moderation is the key here. Start out slow and work your way up. Also, you might want to call your pharmacy to make sure any of your meds won't make you burn faster.
    We have one bed that is high pressure and it doesn't burn because the UVB rays are filtered out but we have had a couple get burned and come to find out they were on medication. We always ask but I guess they didn't think it would affect it. We also do call the pharmacy if we're not sure.
    I say go for it. It really does help with the pain some and that heat feels so good. We have several clients that have fibro that come in for that reason. We also have several older ones that come in for arthritis. I was pretty surprised at this since one is close to 80 and a man.

  5. blast

    blast New Member

    I applaud all of the good advice u have gotten so far, I just wanted to add that when I was first diagnosed with FMS/CFS i couldn't enjoy the sun anymore or tanning beds. I used to be a sun worshipper, within reason, but for some reason I cannot enjoy it anymore. I cannot tan or be in the sun for more than a little bit, no tanning bed at all, because my skin has become much more sensitive to the heat. I break out into a rash and get a real red face, that butterfly red rash they call it. It usually happens with people with lupus, which I do not have. I miss it so much it almost makes me cry. However, I do love the heat still, and on overcast days or real early in the morning I enjoy it as much as I can.(Iam in MIchigan so that is a rare thing right now!)
    Now that almost 6 yrs. have past I can go out in the sun a bit more than at the beginning, so I would just say go slowly and see what your reaction is. And make sure you are not on Elavil.
  6. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    To get sunburns than it is to tan moderately on a regular basis. I am so fair skinned that I either must go out in the sun regularly or not at all. I do use a little of the "tan without the sun" stuff to enhance my tan and I think the stain on the outer layer of skin offers a little protection to the sun's rays as well.

    Our internal clocks are "set" by natural light. We need to be outside in natural light without sunglasses for at least 15 mins. a day. Sunlight also helps us absorb some of our nutrients.

    Love, Mikie
  7. debbiem31

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    I use the stand up bed at my health club. I can't lay down in traditional ones because of my back. The stand up is more intense (11 minutes max). I started out at 2 minutes and worked my way up. Since I'm so cold all the time, it really helps to get in there and warm up!! I, too, suffer from SADD, so I think it helps.

    BTW, I don't take any px meds. Just SAMe, vitamins and calcium...
  8. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    My Doxycycline is supposed to make me more photosensitive, so I took it very slowly when I first started taking it. I only went out for very short periods of time and worked my way up.

    When I started using the Obagi skin care products, I had to remain totally out of the sun for two months. The products bleach out the brown spots from sun and hormones. My skin on my face is noticibly lighter. I have to wear sunscreen under my makeup every day and sport sunscreen on top of that when I'm planning to be outside a lot. I've also been using the products on my hands and they look a lot better. I was afraid I would look like Mickey Mouse with white gloves on, but it hasn't happened. I try to blend the products rather than end them on a straight line.

    The Obagi stuff which I bought from my plastic surgeon is expensive, but no more so than any expensive line of skin care products. It is amazing stuff which works at the dermal level to remove spots and bring up pre-cancerous lesions before they have a chance to turn to skin cancer. The lesions surface and eventually go away. They are getting much bette results with dermabrasion, chemical peels, laser resurfacing, and surgery when patients use the Obagi first. In some cases, it makes these procedures unnecessary because the results are so good.

    Love, Mikie