anyone use vicadan (sp?) for pain

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  1. lynncats

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    My rhuemy put me on this, and was wondering if it has help anyone with there fm pain? My pain is the achy flu like feeling ALL over and joint/bone pain.


  2. loto

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    Yes, I take Vicodin for pain. Unfortunately, I have to take it several times a day, every day for my FM pain. It does help with my pain, and makes me feel much better.
    BUT, the longer I have taken it, the higher mg I've had to take. So, if you take it for a prolonged period of time, your body will build up a tolerance to it.


    PS Do you see the rheumy for your Fibromyalgia only?? I've only been seeing a primary care doctor, and I need to find a doctor that will be more helpful in treating my FM!!!!!![This Message was Edited on 08/14/2009]
  3. lvjesus

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    I take the generic, hydrocodone. It does work for me and helps with that achy feeling too. I have been on 5/500 (5mg hydrocodone, 500mg tylenol) for a long time now and am doing fine with that dose. I am supposed to take 1/2 pill twice a day but sometimes have to take a whole with 4 advil to knock the pain down enough if I am going through a flare. My PCP is very careful with this drug because it can be addiciting. He put me back on elavil for pain but said if I was running out of pain meds before the end of the month he would give me more.

    I like his approach because I feel like he is trying to help me and monitor me at the same time.
  4. lynncats

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    I'm glad that it helps your pain. My rhuemy said to take as needed. So far I've only taken 1 -1/2 pills, at two different times, I'm sorta scared of narcotic pills.

    Yes, I see my rheumy for FM only, well, with my last visit she says I have arthritis, but I believe that comes with FM too. Take care, and I hope you can find a good rheumy near you.


  5. lynncats

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    Hi. Boy your post just explained alot to me. That is exactly what they have me on, the generic, 5/500. I thought that it was 500 mg, no wonder I was scared to take it. I am supposed to take 3 times a day as needed. I'm so glad it helps you, cause this FM sure is not fun. I'm glad your PCP is careful and that you like him. You take care and thanks for responding.


  6. Janalynn

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    Don't be afraid. If used as directed, you'll be fine. You'll also get the pain relief you're seeking.
    Many times even narcotics don't get rid of all of our pain. I'm one of those and there are many others here.

    It is true that after a while, a normal body response is to have to up the dosage. NORMAL.
    I've had several long and details conversations with both my primary care physician and my rheumatologist who have both said that they are safe - the Tylenol part is what you have to watch.

    However you are on a very small dose per day (both in hydrocodone and tylenol). There are some that have lower amounts of Tylenol in them if you ever want to change.

    The incidence of "addiction" in those who have chronic pain is very low. Dependency is very different from addiction. Don't confuse the two.
    Truthfully I don't think you need to worry about that right now.

    I'm glad you have a Dr. who is concerned about your quality of life and knows that getting some pain relief is critical in the road to that.
    Many people here are suffering in daily pain because they can't find the help they need!

    FM pain is so much different than aches and pains. I remember crying daily because my legs ached so badly. When I finally got some relief, I couldn't believe the difference.
    Many of us also don't get any sort of "high" or weird feeling from our pain medications - I think something that people who take them who don't have true chronic pain must get.

    Your Dr. is watching out for you, so don't be nervous. =)

  7. daboysone

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    I take Vicoprofen instead of vicodin because I have really extremely high liver fuction test results which are not good (I have a fatty liver otherwise known as NASH plus extremely high cholesterol and LDL and low HDL) the vicoprofen is hyrocodone 7.5mg / ibuprofen 200mg instead of tylenol. plus I take motrin (same as ibuprofen) 800 mg along with it on really bad days twice a day (usually morning and early evening) and that combo really helps my fibro pain alot! I am a nurse and before I got diagnosed with the fibro there were many days I would come home from working and have so much pain in my feet and legs I would cry and then get stressed out because I knew I had to go back the next day and try to do it all over again. I worked full time 8-12 hr shifts on my feet all shift, then tried to go down to part-time, then switched to nights 11p to 7 am because there wasn't as much walking and standing needed but then had to quit all together due to the pain. My Dr. and i discussed my pain meds and she said as long as I take the vicoprofen instead of the vicodin I should be fine as far as my liver is concerned, none-the-less she has referred me to a liver Dr. b/c my liver enzymes have been high for years now and I am not, nor have not been much of a drinker! The last time I had an actual adult beverage was in 2001 at my step-sisters wedding! If you are concerned about the tylenol talk to your Dr. about the vicoprofen. For me it works better. And as mentioned in one of the other replys I don't get a "high" from my pain meds! Take care! M
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    I just had gall bladder surgery last week & this is what the surgeon gave me for post-op pain. Well, it put me to sleep for 3 hours every time I took 2 pills, but did nothing for my pain. It was like taking vitamins or something. I was very disappointed with it. It did not make any difference with my post-op pain, but for your daily rhummy pain, it might be OK. Julie
  9. lvjesus

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    Some have what is known as addictive personalities and are more likely to become addicted. My husband and I both quit smoking 15 years ago and he knows if he smoked one right now, he would go right back to smoking. I, on the other hand, can buy a pack, smoke them and never pick up another.

    Same differences when we quit. I missed the habit of having one in my hand at certain times so I did the sucker and gum thing until that passed and I was fine. No withdrawal.

    Years ago, my aunt got addicted to pain pills from chronic pain and being on too many things at once without proper monitoring and she overdosed accidentally. Paramedics carried out a bag full of drugs and she had to go to rehab for 6 wks or so and was told she could not take anything for pain anymore but Advil. The doctors told her then that some people have addictive personalities and are more likely to get addicted than others. It is also hereditary which is why alcoholism runs in some families.

    I also tend to think that what people say about addition vs dependance has the ring of truth to it too. This argument has been going around the board as long as I have been here, and the insulin for diabeties is mentioned frequently. If you have diabeties, you are dependant on insulin, you are not addicted. If you have pain, you might be dependant on pain pills but if your pain magically disappeared, you could flush the pain pills and be fine.

    I know I could. And I dare anyone to say I am addicted. Some days I have to take 2 whole pills versus 2 half pills; however, if I am home all day versus work, I might be able to manage with rest periods and a heating pad and take one half. Or there are days when I either don't have pain bad enough to take a pain pill until the afternoon, or have none for parts of the day and take no pain meds.

    The point I am making is that I DON'T take them when I don't have pain and I surely do not have withdrawal.

    As for consitpation, I have not noticed a change in my bowel habits really. I am on elavil too, which is also supposed to cause constipation, but no change with that either, but you know everyone is different. A pain med that would knock me out (percocet), my husband can take 2 of and go to work. Anything that makes other people sleepy, does not affect him.

    What do you take for pain, jam?
  10. SnooZQ

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    Many times, there is an addictive physiology. The genetics of how people's bodies use various types of medications also runs in families.

    There are even ethnic genetic differences that can contribute to addiction. For example, among Native Americans & peoples of Asian ethnicity there is a high rate of a genetic glitch that produces less of an enzyme (aldehyde dehydrogenase) that breaks down a by-product of alcohol. This factor is more than a little bit to blame for the high rate of alcoholism among Native Americans in the past. ( I'm not up on current rates of alcoholism among Native

    Depending on how quickly or slowly, how completely or incompletely a med is metabolized by your body can be the difference between prone-to-addiction or not.

    Brain chemistry does come into play as well, which I suppose is how we get to the "addictive personality" aspect. But for some people, there is a much broader physiology at work.

    Sometimes it helps to consider the broader picture. Unfortunately the term "addictive personality" conveys to many people the idea that it's something easy to control, like the smiling or grooming aspects of personality.

    I don't mention the above to discourage people from proper use of medication. Only to add to the broader picture, which I believe does include the possibility that, even with medical supervision, some people are at risk of addiction with narcotic meds.

    Scientists are working on genetic tests that will help us understand how a given individual metabolizes certain types of meds. So hopefully in the future, we will have an even better idea of which of us need to take extra care with certain meds (not just narcotics).

    Best wishes.
  11. daboysone

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    For me not as bad as the vicodin itself did, however I have IBS w diarrhea most of the time so the side affect with the vicoprofen actually makes my stools more normal than constipated however on the vicodin I would get the full blown constipation. M