Anyone using Adderall, for ADD and Fibro/CFS?

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    I used Adderall about 2 years ago thinking that I had ADD

    after doing some research into what the heck could be

    wrong with me and later realized that I have Fibro/CFS

    instead, at the time the Adderall gave me a lot of energy

    and It seemed to help with the fog. I have again asked my

    doc to prescribe it for the energy and fog problem. I am

    currently on 10mg of the extended release and it doesn't

    do much I think I might have been on a higher dose the

    first time. I have another appointment next week for

    another prescription and I am going to ask her to up it!

    I really need the energy, (who doesn't right?)

    Just wanted to know how long have you been on it and what

    dose, and how do you think it works? The energy thing

    wore off pretty quick the first time, but I also don't

    think that I gave it enough time to see how well it would

    work in the long run.

    Thanks for your support!
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    I have been taking Adderall on a regular basis for about a year now. It helps me to work part time - without it, I cannot concentrate well enough. My dosage is 20 mg.

  3. I think It would be helpfull.I too should be tested for this because I can't seem to say what I mean always put letters out of order.I can;t go to the movies cause I can't sit still. I Have been given plaques at work for being best employee and also most dissorganised.Wow IT makes me wonder what I could accomplish if I was organised better.
    Another problem is always changing radio stations in a car,playing with the windows and all other kind of strange behavior.

    I never realized it was so bad till my kids noticed as they grew up,and there like oh yeah mom "we always have known".It was like I was the only person who didn't realize I have a problem LOL Ruthie