anyone using concerta e.r.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by 69mach1, Nov 17, 2005.

  1. 69mach1

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    having difficult time w/ad's so now we are trying this instead. help give me some energy all day long and keep me more focused....

    i have anxiety and depression. i am off my cymbalta now so he wants me tp wait until monday or tuesday to contact him back before i start....

    any personal imput anyone? good or bad?

  2. hunterwillow

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    bumping. Sorry no experience with concerta. Maybe someone else will have opinion.
  3. spacee

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    I haven't heard of anyone taking concerta. My son takes it for ADD and he does well on it but I hate that he needs it. Dr. Cheney says that it causes the brain to flare and then that part dies. I am very concerned about the long term effects. I am hoping that he will get through college and find a job he likes. His brain makes the chemicals IF it is something he enjoys but otherwize..nada.

    Hope that gives you some input....Spacee
  4. 69mach1

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    the brain flares? and then tht part goes dead? i am in trouble here. i already twist my words around and forget that i just turned the light on or put the milk in the cabinet w/food. then look for the milk and ask where the heck it is.

    i guess the dr wanted my to take a break from all ad's casue i am so sensitive to all the darn meds, allergic reactions...this so stinks...i have been so darn exhausted and no energy to even say my name....

    thank you for your imput i will check into it more...thank you...

  5. emiltim

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    I took concerta for a couple of months. It didn't do a thing for me. Sorry,
  6. kalaya

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    I believe is basicaly time release Ritalin,so just another of the stimulants but since it is longer acting then you should not have the usual horrible Ritalin come down effect.About the brain flaring and dieing I would take that with a massive grain of salt.My uncles medical credentials are above the doctor who supposedly said a part of the brain flares and dies and he says that this is pure ballocks.Good luck with the concerta.You may want to think about using Adderall XR instead.
  7. millennia

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    I took my daughters by accident one day. It was a hectic morning, lol. For the first time in I don't know how long, I was able to sit down and read a book. It felt pretty good.
  8. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    thank each and everyone of you for your imput. i did check ou the possible side effect/the have a not at the bottom that they are using this when a patient is not tolerating ad's so using for depression secondary to pain....

    just trying to get my moods stablized and my but into the gym to help with depression as well...but i have been so tired and in pain that i have been at a loss of what else they can try///dr said we will get something and we will work as a team to get me to a better state of mind....

    so is supposed to keep me more focused and awake. which will help me get motivated to gey my hinny in the gym and moving my body and that will make life more tolerable to me.....


    thank so much for all you have taken the time to respond

  9. spacee

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    Just wondering if your uncle's medical credentials are above Dr. Cheney's...MD and PhD. Really, not trying to be rude at all. It would be a HUGE relief to me to know that this med isn't hurting my son. Can you give anymore info?

    Thanks a bunch...Spacee