anyone using flexeril for sleep

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mariac2000, Nov 19, 2002.

  1. mariac2000

    mariac2000 New Member

    I started on it last night as a replacement for zanaflex. I could not fall asleep and still woke up often during the night. Will it take awhile to start working?
  2. mariac2000

    mariac2000 New Member

    I started on it last night as a replacement for zanaflex. I could not fall asleep and still woke up often during the night. Will it take awhile to start working?
  3. kellym

    kellym New Member

    Hey Maria,
    I've used flexeril before for muscle pain so that I could sleep and it usually knocked me out. But, on occasion, it doesn't knock me out, and I wake up frequently like you do. Sorry, I'm not more help, but, I will tell you that I find Xanax more helpful for sleep than flexeril, plus it doesn't make you quite as groggy in the morning.
    Good luck!
  4. teach6

    teach6 New Member

    I take several meds at night for pain and sleep. I think it's the total combo that makes it work so well. I take Klonopin, which helps with sleep and restless legs, Ultram for pain, Neurontin for pain, Flexeril as a muscle relaxant, and Trazadone for sleep. I don't think any one of them would work alone, but together they do the trick. In addition I take Toprol at night for my NMH. It has nothing to do with sleep, as far as I can tell.

  5. LisaMay

    LisaMay New Member

    I have tried several different combo's for getting a good nights sleep, and the inclusion of Flexeril has worked the best for me. I also take Ultram, Paxil, and Pamelor.

    I hope you sleep like a rock! Lisa
  6. mariac2000

    mariac2000 New Member

    I have to get up and get moving right away with a 1,3 and 5 year old. I think I will give the flexeril a bit more time on it's own and see what happens. My fibrofog has been so bad the past 2 days I am scaring myself. Too much on my mind and not enough sleep will do that to you.
    Once again thank you all so much. I consider you all a second family(the one who understands)
    Love you all,

  7. darlamk

    darlamk New Member

    along with Ambien 5 mg. I always feel lousy in the AM anyway- extemely stiff & have difficulty moving. I have alot of arthritis too along with many orthopedic problems. I think my sleep is better with this combo. I have tried many different meds for sleep over the past 13 years
  8. domesticgoddess

    domesticgoddess New Member

    I've taken 2 10 mg of Flexeril at dinnertime
    and one more at bedtime with 10 mg. of Ambien.

    I wake up around 7:30 am every morning and
    feel quite well. No hangover.

    I've taken flexeril since the day of my dx
    of Fibromyalgia. I just recently started
    taking Ambien in the last 4 mths.

    Before Ambien , I took 75 mg of Pamelor. I
    must admit I did kinna wake up feeling groggy
    BUT I felt like I got deeper REM sleep with
    Pamelor than Ambien.

    so ? Why am I taking Ambien, instead of Pamelor?
    Because of alarming high blood pressure, angina,
    tachyardia & arteriosclerosis GP told me to switch.

    Psstt! Let's dont tell anybody I had a 3 mth
    prescrip of Pamelor when doctor decided to switch
    me from Pamelor to Ambien!

    I'm really try hard to get off the Pamelor - Just Be
    I've not gotten there Yet!

    I trade off - Pamelor one nite & Ambien the next.
    Hmmm must be a rockin & a rollin to the beat of My
    Drum! LOL!

    Able to work 4 days - Mon - Thurs. 7 to 7 1/2 hrs a
    day! Fridays - I crash! until about 10 am, then up em
    Adam! nail appt at 11 am every other Friday!

    Every Friday - I meet my Friday Lunch Bunch Club (been going to the same Mexican restaurant since 1997) for good mex food & some Intoxicating Drinks & Hehe Down Right

  9. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    This muscle relaxant is in the same family as Elavil and can cause rapid weight gain. It can relax muscles and make one sleepy, but it does produce quality sleep.

    Love, Mikie
  10. karen2002

    karen2002 New Member

    I tried flexeril first---no go, couldn't even tell I had taken anything....
    Then elavil----same results....restless leg, waking up at least 20 times nightly, couldn't go back to sleep, racing brain before I went to sleep, etc.
    Now take klonopin----working like a charm, no rls, quality sleep, wake up seldom
  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    One night just after falling asleep from taking the Flexeril, I had a very quick out of body experience and then, ZAP! back into my body. It was too weird for words.

    Love, Mikie