anyone wake up with their fist qlinched and hand pain??

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    Hi I wake up in the night or very early morning bearly able to move and hands are stiff and a great deal of pain. What I do notice is when I first wake up my fist are tightly qlinched, why I do this in my sleep is beyond me. When I get up and either run them under very warm water or place them on a hot water bottle they feel better fairly soon. Anyone else? thanks and God Bless
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    I'm surprised you haven't gotten more replies -- but they're probably coming!

    Yes, I definitely wake up with my hands in fists. Also, my wrists are bent as far as they will go in toward my body. In fact, my whole body feels 'clenched' like this on many, many occasions when I wake up.

    I know that there are others here that experience this as well. Unfortunately, I have no idea why this happens.

    I do know that very little that I take seems to effect it. The only time I've been able to consciously *feel* my muscles as they tighten and draw in is when I've been on some type of pain reliever with an opiod. It's the only time I can then make my muscles unclench, although they begin to re-clench very shortly.

    P.S. I forgot to say, you can try getting a couple of wrist braces (the kind with the straight aluminum support in the sleeve) to wear at night. This would not help with the fists, but if you are also turning in the wrists, this will prevent it.
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    As long as I take my mobic (nsaid, for arthritis) I have less stiffness and pain. I have arthritis (do you?) so I suspected in my case it was more related to that. I had physical therapy and they had me doing exercises to regain some flexibility. A year ago i couldn't even open my hands enough to grasp the computer mouse!

    I also use handese, some soft wrist bands that help with weakness. It could be how you're sleeping, but sounds more like arthritis!

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    It's so painful, not to mention frustrating. I also notice I clench my teeth and have a lot of jaw pain (TMJ) in the mornings. Occasionally my ankles will have a tremendous amount of pain also, and I feel like I'm walking on stubs.

    But the wrist/hand pain is a daily thing, with stiff fingers and being unable to open/close or grip anything. I kept thinking it must be arthritis, but the tests all came back negative. Guess it's just another symptom we "get" to live with!
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    I have a lot of problems with my jaws as well. I've had bruxism so bad that I've cracked numerous teeth. Now I wear a mouthguard, but I have to remember it every night.