Anyone watch Montel today?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by marilynb, Apr 26, 2006.

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    I caught a bit of Montel today. There was a physcic (sp) on & someone in the audience got up & was asking if it would be ok for her to have a baby, because of her health. During the conversation, the lady said she had FM & then I missed part of the conversation (someone came in the room & started talking to me) I don't know what all was said about it, but the physcic told her to try a protein diet.
    Does anyone know what else was said?
  2. amymb74

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    Or at least I know I saw Sylvia Brown on Montel before telling a woman she had FM & a high protein diet would help her but, as I recall, was about all she said about it. AMY
  3. marilynb

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    I guess I didn't miss anything.
  4. greenlynn

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    my mom has not believed in FMS the whole time I've been sick,

    but she watch that lady on Montel so now she show up last nite with meat to feed a army and all into how sick I'm

    so I guess it did me some good I want have to buy meaT for a good month

    so thank Montel

  5. LOve sylvia browne she is on every wednesday or thursaday,One of her predictions was that they will find a cure for fybro real soon .She believes in it we could use her as a spokesperson Ruthie
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    I've been doing a version of the high protien/low carb style of eating for several years and it REALLY helps how I feel.

    My version is very simple. I keep my carb intake below 75mg or so a day, and eat plenty of GOOD protien several times a day. I also stay away from most processed foods, chemical additives, fast food (except salads, grilled chicken, etc), sodas, and stuff like that.

    It's also important to get FAT in your diet! You want the "good" kind, but too little fat will make you feel hungry, even if you are eating several small meals a day. If you mix the small amount of carbs with your protien, you'll also probably feel better. Carbs alone can provide a surge of energy, but there can be a "rebound" effect that can cause fatigue, brain fog, and intestinal distress.

    This is NOT a "diet" - it's just a style of eating that keeps me feeling better than when I eat differently. Many PWFM/CFIDS are "insulin resistant" (the precursor to diabetes), and this style of eating can prevent IR from developing into diabetes.

    There is a fantastic book on the subject of IR and FM by Miryam Erlich Williamsom, called "The Blood Sugar Blues". My way of eating was strongly influenced by her input.

    Of course, I believe in ALL things in moderation, so I still have an occasional "latte" or something, but when I eat well, I just feel better.

    Dr. Cheney also recommends a "high protien" diet for CFIDS, but I don't know the details of what he recommends. Michelle Akers (the soccer star?) has said that the high protien diet Cheney recommended was very helpful for her.

    Hope this helps,

    julie (is free!)

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