Anyone Watching General Hospital's Drug Addiction Story on TV?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by JLH, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. JLH

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    Does anyone watch the soap opera "General Hospital" on TV?

    The character Lucky Spencer, a police officer who recently had back surgery, has become addicted to hydrocodone pills.

    Today's episode was like they are trying to do some "public awareness" stuff.

    His wife, Liz, finally realized that he was addicted and confronted him about it. She is a nurse and said to him "don't you realize how addicting these pills are?"

    However, he has never been taking them as prescribed by his doctor. Since he was dismissed from the hospital, he has been shaking some out of the bottle (you never see how many) and popping them in mouth every time he turns around, it seems.

    He has another character who is a candy striper at the hospital stealing more drugs for him--and now she has a floor nurse stealing more for her--because his doctor said he didn't need the stronger narcotics now.

    I just wondered how other GH watchers perceived the story.

  2. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    I'm watching but didn't really think much of the subject. I'm a week behind you since I get mine on AFRTS (Armed Forces tv).

    I just see it as another soap ploy. On Guiding Light, it's Gus who's addicted to pain meds.

    Can't anyone just have an illness or injury without going overboard on tv?? It's like no one just has pain, they have to have pain and get addicted to the meds they're on.

    Nancy B
  3. MamaDove

    MamaDove New Member

    I have been a GH fan for 25 years...

    I knew from the very beginning of Lucky's injury that they were going to use drug addiction as a story line but I wish they would have done it more tacfully...Although, the long and the short of it are his EGO and getting back to HIS JOB, both selfless reasons on the surface really (wanting to support his family)but in the end we know how many potentially get hurt from this, everyone around him...

    I am more interested in Sonny's bi-polar issue...They seem to be doing a slow but steady job of him breaking down while everyone watches it happening...Don't ya find it somewhat entertaining that the EXPERT doc that Ric and Emily keep getting advised by, doesn't see any changes in him or anything that "concerns" her? Love it! I think there is a strong message in that story line...

    Aren't ya happy for Nikolas? Just hoping the rafterhanger (Helena) keeps her nose out of it, but I doubt it, cause we all know the show must go on...For another 25 years at least...tehe (I refrained from telling more cause someone who posted hasn't seen this week yet,don't want to give away the surprise)

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  4. SandraJean

    SandraJean New Member


    I've been watching General Hospital for a very long time. I've always enjoyed it.

    I, too, am watching Sonny's performance of bi-polar. Did you all know that in real life Maurice (aka Sony) has bi-polar and has talked about it on reality shows?

  5. mary124

    mary124 New Member

    I have been watching it for a long time as well.
    More interested in Sonny in his bi-polar.
  6. I have been watching GH for yrs too. The only problem with these shows they send a bad message out I think for the people like us, who use them sparingly for pain and then the drs. don't want to give them out. Lucky is a great actor and I love Elizabeth.

    Marice is doing a great job, it must be hard for him, being he is bipolar for real. He is a great actor.

    I feel bad for Jax, I wanted him to be the father. I mean, gee Jax and Courtney were barely married and she was sleeping with Nicholas! Of course thats soap life for you, but they could have gave them a couple months of wedded bliss.
  7. Rick has his eye on Sam, and then what's with his buying that dress for Emily like the one Lily wore?

    And that weirdo with the entire body tattoos gives me the creeps!

    Yes Alan had an addiction to hydorcodone yrs ago also.
  8. SandraJean

    SandraJean New Member


    Yes, I think Ric is having thoughts about Sam too. I also think Ric is trying to set up Sonny for a fall. Ric is the one who bought the dress for Sonny to give to Emily and it was after Ric saw the picture of Sonny's first wife in a dress just like it. Now Ric is saying he didn't buy the dress. I think he's playing mind games with Sonny.

    I think Maurine (aka) Sonny is a very good actor too and it must be difficult to be playing the carature of bi-polor when he is that himself.

    The guy with the tatoo's is scary and plays the part well.

    Did anyone notice yesterday when the Nanny that was hired for little John bu Nicholas is really working for Elena?


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