anyone went to voc rehab thru ticket to work program

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    i am supposed to go to workshope meeting in themorning from 9:30 until 3 pm...i do not know how i will make it...they said they can get me any special equiptment i may need to make it though this...i am so tired lately since they increaed my dosage of ad on friday...

    so anyways here in marin county california about amonth ago i stopped into our local edd office...i talked to a lady about the ticket to work program...she said basically that ticket just puts off you getting reviewed for 5 years..

    i said well mentally i would like to work, but i don't know what i can do...i can not do dental assiting for which i went to college for...etc... she said here in marin county you have to go through the state rehabilitation get retrained...i can not afford to retire on 850$ a month espcialy w/o a section voucher...

    she told me i needed to go to this workshop on work assesment, i think that was it...then she gave me a name and # to call about the ticket to work program to findout what they will or could do for me...

    she asked me what my disabilities are and said i do not need to answer if i choose not to...i told her first she said it sounds like i could use the dragon talk computer software...

    well that is all i know for know...question is has anyone gone though voc rehab and if so how many years of college will they pay for?

    shoot i four years now but i can not use them. 2 different aa degrees...oh well...

    thanks for any support or imput

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    I ran as Head coordinator the JTPA programs now called ticket to work. Mostly people were forced to come, they were prepared to hate it. I did not blame them. After six weeks they did not want to leave. They began after a few days to love it, loved feeling better, loved the training AND most went on to better lives. I hope your program works, depends who is running it.

    Love Anne C
  3. 69mach1

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    do you know how many years of college they will pay for to change your career?

    i have a few ideas of what may work for me....i have sort of considered teacher, then maybe i could get up and walk around or sit as needed....and then i could do some templates on the overhead projector...preplanning so i can pace myself...just an idea...or social worker....then there is the real estate salesperson idea, i have had a license in va..not recipricol here cal..real estate appraiser, homestaging(geting homes ready to sale on the market), then there is home inspector, but i do not know if i have to climb up on roofs, don't know if i can do that....especially on my bad days...

    just a few thoughts....

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    What exactley happens..etc..???

    You took a step, that I wouldn't..good for you!
    I'm in Michigan and I just don't trust the gov't about anything.
    Somehow I have it in my head that once I "do" something, like a part time job, or part time student, for about a year, they take away your SSD. It sort of flags them that you are doing better, and are able to go to work.
    I'm hoping I'm I will be watching this post to see if anyone else knows anything or has been through the ticket program.
    Maybe my fears will be subsided.
  5. Cromwell

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    Ask for all you think you can get. Many states have state run colleges that also do home based programs that are cheaper and you get credit for life experience. SUNY do one in NY and you end up with a SUNY degree, not some worthless paper.

    I would just go in there with a plan written double lined onto max of two sheets of paper.

    GOAL should be the top title and take it from there.

    Usually the people who run the progs are nice people who may have even been on the program themselves.

    I wish you all success.

    There used to be a lot of money available but recent cuts this past four or five years-these are all the really good programs that got big cuts, so let me know what happens, as I have no idea how good they are now due to the budget.

    Love Anne C I wanted to tell you that I had about 300 people pass my way for 6 weeks on this and almost all of them went on to really better their lives and do very well. I occasionally hear from a few.

    One day I was walking down the street when my mum was visiting from UK and this well dressed man came up and hugged me and told my mum "This lady changed my life" turned out he was this man from one of the courses of mine and he was running his own computer software company now-prior to had been unemployed for 15 years. I talked a local college into expanding their free programs to accept adults and this is how he got started. I told him, "No, YOU changed your life, now make sure you help others change theirs." I noticed in the paper he donates a lot of money for scholarships now he is wealthy. I feel really proud.

    Love Anne C
  6. NyroFan

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    I got a 'ticket to work' in the mail and immediately threw it in the garbage. I have been reviewed enough and they have put me through so much I can not say I trust Uncle Sam anymore. Just my thought on the subject...
  7. 69mach1

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    i had to fill out papers, simple tasks...check marks or x's and complete words...anyways..

    i have the tennis elbow and carpal tunel in my right hand ...c.t in the left hand...neck hurts even worse..fatigued beyond belief...right hand is burning with pain, feels like it just got scolded in hot water...

    and i only uesd a pencil and paper...

    tomarrow i will call marin center for indenpendant living..the have a benefit counsilor..they will tell me what to expect out of the program...and tips...they are advocates for the disabled here in ca and i believe the run programs in other states as well...

    i know the lady at the unemployment office told me that ssa won't tell you this but all the ticket to work program does is put off me getting reevaluated for another 5 years...

    well if i do anything i need it to be good money and something i can do physically...and not have to worry about losing medical fornia has a program for disable people that are workining...i do have medi-care/medi-cal...

    but i want to find out if the state will pay for college and help find me a job...i was thinking about real estate appraiser or something..i would love to be a dental hygienist out here shoulders have been both worked on and not up to par..neck more bluding discs and degenerative disc disease thruout spine and more bulginging diss...well i am goig to check this out and see if i should just do something on my own or let the state help me..

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    how long is your waiting list in washington?

    well i will call wednesday see what what is what thru the disability non profit,,,mcil....all iknow is that i will need some help to move on..otherwise i may just get stuck in a slump and i am afraid what it may do to me mentally...i have been always a hard worker since i was a young teen...i feel like i am failing myself...i have had enough hardships and heartaches.....