Anyone who has gone through LTD appeal or process

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    Hi ,

    I need reassurance . I just sent in my second appeal for LTD insurance from my employer. The first time I was not diagnosed yet and the girl in the Doctor's office really screwed up my paperwork. The appeal was denied because they went back to the original paperwork. They also denied it because my rheumie's notes indicated he ordered "light aerobics".
    I sent in 2 very long and strong detailed letters from both Doctors and I want to be positive about this but the last time they denied me it through me into such a flare I'm afraid to get my hopes up.
    Can an insurance company deny me if 3 doctors state I cannot work?

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    Since this is only a second appeal I opted to give it one more try but I did tell them the next step will be court and under ERISA they will have to pay for my lawyer plus the court costs.