anyone who has had a total knee replacement

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  1. jodboga

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    Its been exactly 2 wks since my replacement , should I be able to bend my knee . For some reason , its swelled up , probably from the Fibro .please anyone a time table will help.
  2. cathugs

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    You should be able to bend your knee by now. Is a physical
    therapist working with you?
    I have had both mine replaced and was able to bend mine
    in just a few days.
    Of course every one is different, but you really should be able to
    by now. Does it bend when you sit down, or do you have to keep
    it straight?

    When I had mine done they sent a machine home with me
    that I laid my leg in and it slowly bent and straightened my
    knee, and a PT came to my house daily for about 2 weeks
    and then I went to out patient therapy for 3 weeks.

    I hope you get to feeling better soon.

    I have fibro also but don't recall my knee swelling more than
    would be normal for this type of surgery. But, like I said
    every body heals differently.

    If I can be of more help, please ask. It has been 18 months since
    my last replacement.

  3. TropicalGirl

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    Hi Jodboga!

    Yes, absolutely you need to be bending your knee, unless you had the joint removed and "spacers" put in. (With that the Dr. would have you wearing a knee brace especially when you are on your feet or at night when you sleep so that you don't twist that joint. You don't do a whole lot of bending for about 6 weeks until they go back in to remove the spacers.) This is usually done if someone has a bad infection in or around the joint, or has septic arthritis.

    Some Dr.s have the patients use a CPM, Continuous Passive Motion machine, after surgery; but a lot of Docs are getting away from that because they want their patients to take more "initiative" towards their recovery and not to rely on a machine moving their leg.

    I am concerned about the swelling and if your knee is becoming septic? Is there any redness around the site or around the sides of the knee?

    The other concern is that if your knee is not being bent, (without special reason), then your joint can become frozen, and your Dr. will have to go in and manipulate it loose again...that does not feel good and they usually put you under for that 'cause it does hurt. Plus, Docs don't have a sense of humor about it if they need to go back on their work.

    I would touch base with your surgeon; maybe clarify the type of surgery that he did on you, and what is to be expected. I just know that I take care of a lot of patients that have returned to the hospital for this very reason, so PLEASE be careful and take care of yourself!

    Much love,

    Tropical Girl*
  4. Yes bending and walking on it right away is important. You also start PT right away, even in the hospital. My dr saw me shortly after mine also.
  5. jodboga

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    I can not bend it much without it hurtin so bad I have to stop . I had the knee machine the last day in the hospital...nurse was too busy to bother with it. Came from from the hospital with an infection on my mouth and nose...from the hospital. Doc said my knee cap was so small he had to fit one to it....i have no feeling on right side of knee . swelling on left . finally got pissed at doc and demanded him see what is wrong. I also have a nurse who comes and checks it and thinks there is a problem. PT Therapist comes 3x a week. nothing is working.