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    Just wanted to say that I'm here and I'm willing to listen.

    My email is

    Hold on.
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    As a new member, please read the rules and you're not allowed to post an e-mail address. I believe it is because many who post here are ill and need help, and many pranksters would love to get a hold of vulnerable people to begin sending them disturbing e-mails at home.

    Take care and hugs.

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    I don't even know where to begin... I have always been ill.. I was never to live beyond 6 years old ..I am now 44 and terminally ill. I miss working...I am on prednisone to keep me alive... my boyfriend is healthy as an ox. He has no clue or empathy. I have so many problems I just want to give up. THANK YOU FOR LENDING AN EAR!!
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    Hello. It's a good idea to read the rules and you are not supposed to post your e-mail address here. I believe it is done because there are vulnerable and sick people here and pranksters could create havoc sending you terrible e-mails. So how about removing the e-mail address first.

    I am sorry you are terminal and you share being terminal with my friend in our local disabled group--she is terminal with emphysema and has a few months to live. Her husband died many years ago and she will leave behind a disabled adult daughter (daughter was in an accident and had strokes and became paralyzed on one side and is permanently disabled, including speech) and many grandchildren, but she is being stoic about it by preparing her will, living will, power of attorney, getting her home in order and she had a few cats and found good homes for them. When she passes, she will have made it so much easier on her daughter and her grandchildren because of everything she has done leading up to her passing. That's very considerate and kind of her.

    Being you are terminally ill, how about you spend some time to start putting your ducks in a row like my friend has done. It may take you a while, but it fills up the time, and helps in the long run for those you leave behind. It means weeding out your closets of old things, giving away many things NOW before waiting to die, and going through your paperwork and throwing away stuff and making sure you have the necessary will, living will and power of attorney.

    If you have a local disabled group that meet, go there. They are good people and you may very well find someone else who is terminal (like in our disabled group) and it might help you through--but our group doesn't dwell on death and we just celebrate my friend and the time we have with her. The local senior centers--not the nursing homes, but the centers where they meet and play games--offer rooms for many groups of all ages to meet. Go there and find out what groups meet and get involved with groups. It's good to pass the time. Our Senior Center has a group for people with loved ones who have passed--maybe that group would allow you to be there because you are terminal.

    Also, call the main number of your city/town and ask to speak with a city social worker. Talk to the social worker and ask if there are any groups for terminal people that you could join. Of course, you could join a group for your specific ailment (you didn't said what that was), but the social worker may have groups for people who are terminal.

    Something else would be to get in counseling now. Although your boyfriend has no clue or empathy, you may need some good suggestions, some help, and some guidance during this time and there are probably people, therapists or clergy that would help you and you don't have to go through this alone.

    By the way, I know a city social worker just by going to the senior center, and she helps out many people with many problems. I know if you came to her, she would do everything to help you in every way possible. She's a fantastic person.

    I care and so do many others. Many many hugs.
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