Anyone with a high ANA and FM?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by 2YUNG, Aug 4, 2006.

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    My daughter has fibro. But I'm not sure what else she might have. Her RA asked her questions about RA and Lupus but failed. She then tested her for Fibro and said she has it. My only question is... I heard that most FM patients have a negative ANA. and hers was positive. a 640 very very high. My dr has no answer for us. She wants us to go to Philly to C H O P ) Childrens Hosp of Philly. to see Dr Sherry. Anyone here about him? Its not close, Not in my insurance plan, and am trying find another Ped RA in our area. She has bad headaches, had an MRI of brain, but came back negative. Dr. says to increase her Elavil, doing that but still the same, she take Lexapro and Elavil. I don't want her to take more meds. She nned to return to school in Sept, since she missed out on her whole first year of HS. Any help will be great.
    Concerned and confussed Mom Deb
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    can be indicitive of not only lupus but some other auto-immune diseases as well. She probably does have something else going on. There are other tests they can take that will confirm if it is lupus or another disorder.. Follow up with another RA for sure!
    Good luck.. you have to be really concerned..
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    B U M P
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    In 2002 my ANA was 1:640. Last year it tested 1:160.

    The same rheumys who diagnosed the FMS insist that anybody can have a positive ANA. I've always been a bit uneasy about that (especially since I share a few symptoms of Lupus, etc.), but I don't have the energy to argue with the VA doctors.

    One of the books recommended here says that there is a subset of FMS patients with positive ANA, but it's not yet clear what it means. Maybe that's a big clue for us.
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    My ANA was very high, but the DNA for Lupus tested negative. I can't get a strait answer from my docs either.
    Update us when you can.
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    My ANA is always very high...

    Since 1993 the results have been 1:640 and 1:1280

    My most recent one in 2004 was listed this way~
    Homogeneous 1:1024
    Nucleolar 1:32 Result...ELEVATED

    My rheumy gave me my lab results which along with a smooth muscle ab test knee pain, low back pain, polyarthralgias and years of complaining of fibro and cf symptoms concluded that I have chronic immune stimulation in a pattern often seen in early OR active phases of a rheumatic disease...Also an elevated IgM level is very unusual in SLE (Lupus)and may indicate active viral infection or simply be related to rheumatic disease...

    In laymens terms...They don't know EXACTLY what is wrong and this is a top rheumy in the state who uses these labs to diagnose and treat...I Guess it meant something, he told me I needed to stop working...Which I was needing to do anyway, he just gave me the final okay...

    I know there have been several discussions on here about ANA, you could do a search above, I tried but it seemed many other title topics came up as well, you may have to scroll back awhile...

    Also, there is a lab result site called (I think that's it) and I have gained lots of info on there as well as hearing direct from a doc that my labs represent 'collagen vascular disease'...

    I hope you find what you need...

    Peaceful days ahead~Alicia
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    I also have a positive ANA- not very high though.

    I agree that you should take your daughter to CHOP- no doubt. Don't be filled with worry- just follow the rheumy's instructions and go from there.

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