anyone with a resting heart rate between 50 and 55 ???

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  1. gumama

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    I'm curious to know if any of you have a night resting heart rate between 50 and 55... I don't know if this is in the danger zone or not.

    My heart has been checked and its fine.. I do have the hlab 27 gene and my Rheum.says that it can have the same effect as Fibro and has diagnosed me with that.

    my normal daytime rate is about 60 to 70...


  2. ssMarilyn

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    A resting heart rate between 50 and 55 is a well-trained athlete's heart rate. Is that you? :) Do you take magnesium? I just read in my magnesium book that too much of this mineral can slow the heart down too much.

    I have Ankylosing Spondylitis, but it hasn't slowed my heart down that I'm aware of.

    Marilyn :)
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  3. suz41

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    Sandy :

    My husband is a long distance runner (avg 7 miles daily) and at age 45 has a resting heart rate of about 50 he has been an athlete all his life and has never had a high rest rate. If your heart has been checked I would not be concerned unless your fainting or light headed than I would have your BP checked for orthostatic Hypotension. My resting heart rate usually falls beween 65-75 and I only walk and do yoga. However if your concerned have your doctor check it out again . Good Luck.

  4. pgename

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    Last year I was diagnosed with Fibro. While going through a battery of tests to figure out what was wrong with me, my doctor was taking my pulse and asked if I was an athlete, or worked out a lot. I laughed and said that I could barely move around, let alone work out or run. He said my heart rate was only about 50 and that was usually seen in only VERY active, athletic people. But my tests came back fine as well as my EKG so he said not to worry about it. But I do "black out" when I stand too fast. But this doesn't happen all the time.
  5. ssMarilyn

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    I used to have the same bp problem and dizziness that you did, and discovered somewhere, don't recall where, that I wasn't drinking enough water. I used to get so bad that when I would take the dog out for a potty break after getting up in the morning, my vision would go black. I never passed out, just couldn't see diddly for a few seconds. Then I started taking a bottle of water to bed with me every night and I drink quite abit of it before I get up in the morning. (water expands the blood, raising our bp, lowering our heart rate, plus opens our airways) I haven't had one of those "black-outs" since, and that's been over 2 years ago! My youngest daughter used to have the same problem, she'd even come close to fainting in the shower as she's getting ready for work in the morning. I convinced her to drink water, and lots of it, upon rising, and she hasn't had any spells since.

    Marilyn :)
  6. gumama

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    I don't think I made myself very clear.... this only happens at night and only once in a while.. the fainting you were asking about was due to an Eye medication I take for Glaucoma....once I stopped that,I have not had anymore fainting or weakness...

    My heart has been checked out with an Echo and an ekg in April.. everything was fine... the dizziness I have is only when the Meniere's acts up....

    I appreciate your taking the time to answer.. I'm only taking 250 Magnesium BUT I don't drink enough water, so I will start adding more each day..

    my daytime pulse rate is usually around 60 to 70.. I am 64 yrs old and do walk each day... but I would not consider myself an athlete..

    again thanks to all that answered me.

    Sandy in the desert
  7. Sissy123

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    Do you take any narcotics? When I did my heart rate would be real low. My blood pressure is low anyway, so is my heart rate because I was very athletic. My father was the same way his whole life and started getting dizzy in his older years and had to take meds for it or he would feel like he would pass out. Good Luck, another Sandy
  8. gumama

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    Hi Sandy

    I only take Valium for my Meniere's... but only 2 mgs a day.. I do however believe that the eye drops I take for my Glaucoma is part of the low heart rate... I did speak to my Dr yesterday and he's not concerned.. since my heart rate is good during the day, and usually about 58 at night.he's not worried.. if it stayed below 55 24/7 then there would be a problem.!!!!

    Thanks for answering me...

    Sandy in the Desert .

  9. paulalbert

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    It is my understanding that resting heart rate can have a tremendous amount of variability from person to person. In general, a heart rate will speed up with illness and slow down with fitness and health. However, heart rate is best used as a RELATIVE measure of health.

    Why is this?

    Well, size of the heart muscle is one. A bigger muscle doesn't have to pump as much. To get some real value from your current figure, we would probably have to compare your heart rate as it has changed over the years.

    In the absence of any other information (which your doctors surely looked into) 55 sounds to me like you just have an efficent heart. Good for you.


    p.s. Doctors always freak out when they take my brother's pulse. His RHR: 37. (He is in his twenties and quite healthy.)

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  10. JLH

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    I think you need to have a talk with your primary care doctor and ask for a referral to a cardiologist.

    I had a lot of heart trouble last summer. When you heart rate goes too low, it's called "Bradycardia" and this is what happened to me. My heart rate went down to 45 and would then fluctuate to the 50's.

    They adjusted all of my heart meds, then it would beat too fast.

    I ended up having a dual-chamber pacemaker installed and it is programmed not to let my heart be go below 60, or abov 120. My meds keep my heart beat at around 65-70.

    Even if 50-55 is your resting pulse, I would be checked out by a cardiologist. I don't think it's good for your heart to beat at such drastic changes for the day vs. night.

    I wouldn't play around with your heart health--I'd get it checked out by a professional (cardiologist).