Anyone with ADHD?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tlc8858, Sep 18, 2003.

  1. tlc8858

    tlc8858 New Member

    I saw a few posts where some of you mentioned you had adult add. I think I have that and have had for years. Any suggestions on how I can find out if that is part of my problem as well? Your input would be greatly appreciated.
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  2. tlc8858

    tlc8858 New Member

    Still some replys to this one. Bumping up.
  3. DarleneWSerrano

    DarleneWSerrano New Member

    That was the first indication that something was wrong. I was diagnoised with Adult ADD. Put on Adderal that helped for a while with focus and attention. But then developed Chronic Fatigue, then the pain started.

    I still take the Adderall, put added the Provigil for the fatigue. Without them, I would not ever be able to get out of bed or function period.
  4. RatLuver

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    Hi there,
    I think I too have this. A therapist who also has ADD, told me that he recognized the symptoms in me when he was counseling me for depression and anxiety. My symptoms are restlessness, antsyness, my attention wanders into daydreamng alot, fidgety. I had so much trouble in school that I couldn't even finish the tenth grade (also due to dyslexia). My son, brother, and ex-boyfriend have this too, though they all have the more severe form of it - ADHD, and they all drove me nuts! It runs in families. I have been afraid to mention it to my psych., for fear he'll think I'm a hypochondriac, what with all my other already diagnosed health problems.
    What are your symptoms?
    Tricia - RatLuver
  5. tlc8858

    tlc8858 New Member

    on the symptoms of ADHD? I have often wondered if I have this, and my mother the other day said she thought I had it, but never wanted to say anything to me. I have mostly the restlessness, and trouble concentrating. I seem to get so involved in things, almost like an obsession, but it only lasts for a short time and them I am off and running on to something else. I have always felt as though I can not ever carry through with anything. Any of this sound like the symptoms of ADHD?
  6. RatLuver

    RatLuver New Member

    All the symptoms you described are characteristic of this disorder. It starts in childhood and contrary to popular opinion, does not resolve in adulthood for most sufferers, but continues to cause us problems with work, family, school, etc. We can't pay attention to things that bore us, but we hyperfocus on things that interest us. There is a new drug for ADD/ADHD called Straterra that is not a stimulant. I will ask my psych about it next visit.

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