Anyone with advice for fatigue?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by shep, Aug 30, 2006.

  1. shep

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    Hi to all,

    I have been on Cymbalta 60 mg's for about a year. It has helped me with my soreness and pain a great deal; although I can't say the same for my depression. I also take Prozac for depression.

    My greatest problem now is chronic fatigue. It has overtaken my life. I have to make myself do everything. Most days I spend in bed. I am ashamed of how my house cleaning has gone to nothing but the bare essentials. Most days I have to make myself take a shower!! and I just can't accept that.
    I have become a recluse almost --shuting myself off from friends. I have also almost quit attending church services---something I thought would never happen.

    I just stay so tired all the time. The energy it takes to get ready to go out, or cook a meal seems like a huge moutain to climb.

    I have had fibro and CFS for almost 20 years. The professionals say they do not get worse, and maybe IT doesen't...but my ability to deal with it sure has.

    Any ideas on how to get some energy?

    Love and prayers to all,
    Shep (female, 56)
  2. softy91

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    I'm male and 60 and if were not for gender we could trade identities.

    I have had a very full life and maitained an active roll in busniess and friendships. That all ended leaving me confused and angry. Realizing in one of my lucid moments that I had to start looking at alternatives to "Modern Medicine". I could go into all the details of what I have done for myself, but in reality all we can do is treat symptoms.

    I retired early and just go with the flow and listen to what my body is telling me. As result most of my relationships have died of neglect. I finally quit feeling guilty about trying maintain and accepted the fact that I could no longer keep up.

    If you can't get to church, God will understand. It is humans that have a hard time really understanding what we have to put up with for lives. I also try to organize my life by what is really important to me to get done and in what time frame.

    As for energy, Masive doses of vitamins and willpower. I also try to take enough sleep remedies and pain killers to get some sleep.

    I'm afraid that all I can offer is another human that understands. I do see some promising research that may benefit folks like ourselves 5 to 10 years down the road, only not soon enough for me!

    Sorry about all the rambling but your message was too close and struck a chord.

    Kindest regards,

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    Hello All,
    Just wanted to say I feel your pain on the fatigue angle. I, too, am pretty much a recluse, except for rallying to go to work, buy a few groceries and the essentials. The time I am off from work, it's as much rest time as I can fit in. I know my old friends think I don't love them or care, but the getting ready to go meet them socially, plus the energy it requires to try to gently let people know "what I've been doing all this time!" is just too much. For whatever God-sent reason, I can perk up when in service as a nurse to the old people I care for, but have nothing left over except for my dogs, who understand mom is tired and accept it pretty well. I'm looking forward to reading what is and isn't working for all of you fine folks by way of treatment and relief of CFS symptoms.
    God bless,
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    I have been ill with cfs 10 years, and think I've had it rough...20 years is a long time dealing with such an illness. I am housebound, on disability, for the first 5 years tried so many treatments, only now just toughing it out till a treatment comes. I take a sleep aid to make me sleep, exercise when able to keep the declining body from deteriorating too much, do cleaning in very little amounts only when able, and continue to wait. The fatigue is a very tough symptom, it takes a great person to keep going on thru it. Dealing with it comes in waves in my years of experience. Some times are better than others. Acceptance is better some times than others. Energy is a distant memory of the past.... good luck
  5. louiesgirl2

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    That helped myt fatigue tremendously. Took it early in the am after eating.
  6. ll1816

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    Hi Shep:

    I have complete sympathy for you, as fatigue is my greatest battle.

    I'm on short-term disability right now for a shoulder arthroscopy and I'll probably have to return to working full-time in a couple of weeks and I'm just dreading it.

    When I'm home on the weekends, I don't have the energy to shower either and spend most of the weekend in bed. As a matter of fact, since I've been home recovering from the surgery, I average maybe 2 showers a week. I too just don't have the energy.

    I've told my doctor many times that I'm so tired of being tired. I do have adrenal fatigue which could be playing a role in this, but who knows. I'm going to be seeing a Naturopath, who is in practice with my doctor, in a couple of weeks. Maybe he'll have some ideas for helping the fatigue.

    Please know that you are not alone and I will keep you in my prayers.

  7. kbak

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    Hi Shep,
    There are several things I could suggest that really do help. People with our DD need thyroid and adrenal boosts. I have been taking iodine, a few drops sublingual/day. Also adrenal glandulars.

    I started taking gensing, and it really does help with energy but takes a couple wks. before you feel the effects. I bought the raw powdered gensing and capsulate my own.

    I don't take Cymbalta, but could that be making you tired also?

    Hope you start to feel better soon. I know how hard the killing fatigue is.

  8. kaymac

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    I guess I've adapted to the pain for the most part controlled mostly by pain meds, but the fatigue is my biggest battle. It is the core of everything! It prohibits me from Church, family things, socializing with my friends who also think I've deserted them!

    I like the B12 shot idea. I wonder if my doctor will do those for me. I just am aprehensive about swallowing more supplements. I already take 4 meds a day!

    Hang in there! And God Bless you!
  9. mbofov

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    I just posted this reply to someone else who was having trouble with fatigue:

    I too have post-exertional malaise, but it is not as severe as it used to be. Things that have helped me with energy and endurance are:

    l-carnitine (3,000 mg. a day - less did nothing for me)

    magnesium and malic acid, or magnesium malate

    calcium pyruvate

    RNA/DNA by Nature's Life - 2,000 mg. a day

    NADH - 20 mg. a day - it's rather expensive at this dose, but a lesser dose did nothing for me. I did have to stop taking this because it was too expensive.

    sublingual B-12 (methylcobalamin)

    I think the RNA/DNA is helping a lot. I've been taking it for about 5 months. It's been difficult to tell because I've been battling sickness and heavy metal detox and a few other things for several months, but I think I'm finally coming into the clear. I went swimming yesterday, was pretty careful but actually did some real swimming, and I didn't crash today. I know I would have before, and think it's due to the RNA/DNA.

    Also, you may need some adrenal support. If your adrenals are weak you will have no stamina. I took adrenal glandular products for several years and finally got off of them recently, although I am taking Ashwaganda for adrenal support. And if your adrenals are weak, you will also need a good B vitamin complex and extra pantothenic acid.

    And your thyroid may need support as well. My thyroid always tested normal but my doctor put me on Armour thyroid anyways because of my symptoms, low body temperature, lack of stamina.

    I hope this helps --

  10. Scapper

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    I've been sick with cfids for just about 12 years now. Fatigue has always been the hardest symptom in all of this mess.

    I've yet to find anything that helps me.....but we're all so different....some of the suggestions here may help you!

    What I wanted to mention is that when I was on Cymbalta, it increased my fatigue to an unbearable level. Do you think this could be contributing?

    It was a very difficult decision for me to come off of it. It was the first thing that has ever helped with my also helped with my depression too. I just could not bear the fatigue!

    Just a thought.....scapper
  11. deliarose

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    fatigue of 10 years.

    Just got back from an apptemtn with dr. Brewer in Kansas City, Mo, a CFS specialist, and he recommended the same thing.

    Bioflavonoids..Vit C. Omega 3 and 6s...Magnesium (for sleep)..

    Still struggle with good quality sleep.

    Give it a try.. what have u got to lose?

  12. jake123

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    What is your favorite thing to do? For me, I love to go to antique malls. That spurs me on to bathe and get dressed, eat at the coffee shop, then on to the mall. It has a nice bathroom.
    My doctor (psychiatrist)is all for preemptive rest. He said sleeping is good for boosting your immune system.
    My neurologist says napping is bad when you are trying to stabalize migraines.
    Sometimes I come home from school and sleep 3-4 hours, then go to sleep 3 hours later.
    My husband also helps me fight the urge to sleep just by scooping me up and taking me somewhere.