Anyone with Arthritis and Fibro?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by steach, Nov 5, 2009.

  1. steach

    steach Member

    Hi Friends-

    I'm just wondering how common osteoarthritis, or even RA, is when one has Fibro.

    I am in need of advice/suggestions. Over the past year, my hands have hurt on occasion. During the past few months the pain has gotten worse and I am noticing some deformity in my fingers. Now, I am having pain everyday in my left hand-especially my thumb- which throbbs almost constantly. It hurts so badly to try to grasp or open things.

    I've tried oral anti-inflamatory meds but can not take them due to my stomach issues. I've even tried trigger-point injections which didn't help. Topical meds do not helt at all.

    What do I do to get relief? Are my symptoms part of FM Syndrome?

  2. spacee

    spacee Member

    I know that the autoimmune illness have kicked in big time in the last two years so that viral and autoimmune are now neck and neck.

    The anti inflammatories....I guess you drank the glass of water so the pill "dropped" into a pool of water? My sis said that the over the counter advil and aleve bothered her stomach but the rx mobic doesn't. It is only $10 for three months at Walmart.

    I am planning on trying it. I think we need to try to figure out how to get the inflammation down whether it be meds, supplements or diet. Cheney thinks we should eat many raw green things...yuk. But I am doing it for lunch so far.

    It could well be FM. Have you had any autoimmune (ANA, Sed rate done?)

  3. steach

    steach Member

    I've tried OTC meds with no success. My doc has prescribed meds, too. They make my stomach hurt and burn, even with taking stomach med.

    I can't tolerate meds very well due to the stomach pain and nausea.

    I do eat all kinds of raw veggies, including greens.

    I've had ANA labs and they have been fine; Sed-Rate seems to fluctuate a bit, but, within either "low" or "high" normal limits.

    The arthritis also appears in my knees and lumbar area with spurs; lumbar area was diagnosed as spinal stenosis.

    This gets pretty difficult to deal with especially when there is pain in the tender points of Fibro.

    I have no medical insurance so I need something generic/inexpensive for the arthritis issues.

  4. JewelRA

    JewelRA New Member

    I have had JRA since age 4, and diagnosed with FM 3 years ago (but have had symptoms much, much longer).
  5. Tiffanie1

    Tiffanie1 New Member

    I have Oa and Fm.......

    I do take Mobic and notice a ton of relief with it for my Oa.

    The other thing that seems to help is to not let my body rest too much....

    Get up and do stuff every so often,Not sure if You are doing this or not but this is what helps me.

    Mobic does not bother my stomach and I do not have any side effects from it.

    Good luck!!

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