Anyone with Attention Deficit disorder

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    pretty much new on this board. I have ADD along with cfs, and as well as some fibro symptoms. I am 29 years old and i've had A.D.D for as long as i CAN REMEMBER. My twin sister has it as well as my dad- I think we inherited it from him. I also have anxiety disorders/ panic and really bad depression right now since I just started college again.

    I am not on any medications now, but I think its time to see a doctor, since I feel like i'm dying- no energy at all!!
    I have been doing yoga which i think helps a little w/ anxiety etc.
    i don't have much energy to excercise and when i do I feel lousy afterwards,
    so what's the point?
    Anyway i'm really beginning to think that all these problems stem from my severe case of A.D.D.

    SORRY FOR ALL THE COMPLAINING but I have tried straterra before and a week into it I went hiking and my heart started jumping, so i stopped taking them. I don't like to take medicines because i'm scared of long-term damages

    Can anyone relate ??

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    Welcome to the board. Yes, my family relates. I have two sons with ADD. One is 28 and the other is 21. Their dad probably has it and even their grandfather was quick to say he thought that he has it. I think they all do too.

    Even though both sons take ritalin. I hate it. I think it is probably terrible for them. They are finding their way and figuring out how little they can take. And what time of day is best, etc.

    Also, the oldest is figuring out that he can't drink caffiene and take the med. I worry about him developing CFS at some time. When he was a teenager he went through a bad spell with anxiety and his lymphs were way low, like mine are.

    Magnesium supplements are suppose to soothe the brain. You take up to 500mg at nite. They help some of us sleep too. I take it for that.

    Hugs, to you. So many struggles, So young.

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    Hi Deblin,

    I saw your post and wanted to welcome you to the boards. You can find so much information here and the people are very caring.

    I thought I might mention Dr. Daniel Amen to you if you weren't aware of his work. He's written some books on ADD and has a web site. Check him out on the internet. I think that his site is

    I hope that you get all the information and support that you need.

    Yours, Lil
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    I'm ADHD, my husband and daughter are as well. Hubby is severe ADHD...

    I wouldn't want to do without my Ritalin, although our military pharmacy recently went to a cheaper generic pill that doesn't work as well.

    My husband would not be able to function without his medications. He has a high level job and needs his meds to get through each day.

    My daughter has ADHD, BPD, FM she's a bit like you. She also has anxiety/panic disorders and suffers from really bad depression.

    But...she's been doing better on her meds with therapy the last few weeks. Her doc dropped one of her meds and she's been feeling better off of it.

    She does mention though that she thinks it's time to go back on ADHD medications to help with her current anxiety/panic problems. For one thing, it would slow down the brain which as you know, might send some relief when the thoughts running through are less than pleasant...

    Or I can tell you what I've been doing to help me out of a 2 year flare.....

    I stopped all diet products and aspartame, it's poison.

    I started adjusting my diet to include more fresh veggies and fruits each and every day. Start small and work up.

    I started taking a really good multi vitamin that I buy here at Pro Health, the Fibro Complete w/Malic Acid, it's wonderful....

    I started taking some other supplements too and all are helping me to get back up on my feet.

    I stopped smoking.........and started treating myself better.

    I started taking a balanced magnesium/calcium/zinc supplement and it helps with brain fog and will also help a ton with muscle pain. We're pretty much all deficient in magnesium.

    None of us in our family like any of the newer ADHD drugs, we all like the tried and true Ritalin. For us it makes a huge difference in our lives.


    Nancy B.

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