Anyone with bladder issues???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Momofboyz, Jul 15, 2006.

  1. Momofboyz

    Momofboyz New Member

    Sorry in advance for the personal information. It might be too much for some.....but, I have just started with bladder control issues. First, I always have to pee. I do drink more water than I used to but this seems a bit much. Second I can barely make it. And almost peed while driving. Almost like I can't feel it coming on.
    Anyone else or is this separate from fibro?????????/
    Thanks Deena
  2. raspberry_valley

    raspberry_valley New Member

    Yes, and when I finally made it to a specialist she said that people with ME can have bladder infections lurking that the standard tests dont find. She prescribed taking cranberry juice capsules every day as this is very good for the bladder. Capsules, rather than juice, because the juice can make you sore.
  3. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I have the same problem, there are a few different things that can cause this
    1. if haviing pain after peeing- bladder infec
    2. goiing often but not drinking more- maybe not completly
    emptying, the bladder is possibly tilted
    3. If your thirsty alot and go alot maybe diabetes
    4 ovarian cyst pressing on the bladder, my dr wants me to have aultrsound to rule this out,

    While I have FM and CFS I had rectal cancer 10 years ago and the radiation treatment I had damaged my bladder.

    First I have a small bladder to start with and the radiation treatment caused it to be hard and not flexable.

    If I were you I would tell m Dr or go to a Urologist. They put a very small camera in my bladder. I had no tumors just the fact I can only hold about 8 oz was bad enough. No room for those things.

    Good luck-Don't let them blow you off ask for a UA sample to see if you have blood in your urine. Mine does from time to time butDr said is NORMAL for someone with my bladder,lol Carla
  4. SweetT

    SweetT New Member

    I always have to pee also. I cannot go over 2 hours without having to pee, with or without extra liquid. Sometimes I pee over and over and over again within minutes of each other. And each time, it's like I'm urinating a river! I've been checked out by a Gyn and Urologist, who found nothing unusual. I'm supposed to avoid drinking tea (even herbal tea) and not to drink after a certain time, but that's hard. I sometimes try to hold it for 4 hours on my job (just because I get caught up with work). Haven't lost control of the bladder at this point.
  5. Momofboyz

    Momofboyz New Member

    for your responses! What is me? I will ask doc Monday for ua and maybe referral. In August I am on ppo and can go w/o a referral!
    Also my old doc wanted me to have an ultrasound b/c I was having abdominal twinges all the time. One time had a urinary infection. SO we'll see.
    Thanks ladies!!!!!
  6. raspberry_valley

    raspberry_valley New Member

    Glad to hear your good news, keep us posted with how you get on.
  7. Smiffy

    Smiffy Member

    If you don't have an infection, you may have interstitial cystitis. Lots of us with FMS/CFS have this. There's a marvellous IC Network message board run by nurses.

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