Anyone with bladder, pelvic and bowel problems?!!!!

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  1. snowqueenuk

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    |Hi everyone

    I was just wondering if any of you suffer from chronic pelvic problems? I seem to get UTIs very frequently and IBS along with general pelvic pain, sometimes it's really hard to know which part of you hurts the most doesn't it?

    As if the general yuckiness of FMS isn't hard enough to bear why do we have to suffer all the other bits too?

    I would appreciate any advice.


    Helen who feels like a good moan today!
  2. Smiffy

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    I have interstitial cystitis in addition to CFS & FMS.

    There is a theory of why we suffer from all these additional horrors in Dr St Amand's book 'What your doctor may not tell you about fibromalgia'.
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  3. dicentrae

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    Extreme pelvic pain and discomfort... bowel, bladder, the works. Diagnosed with "pelvic congestion syndrome" and had an "ovarian vein embolization" at Hopkins that made all of it bearable.

    Good luck!
  4. Dee50

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    My colon is a slow slow mover, my bladder is weak, pelvic is good. Rebounding on my new Needak soft bounce tramp is helping.
    I just found a new Doctor that I like very much. He is helping me with my colon. Accupuncture seems to be one answer for me. I loved my first treatment and the results were great. I feel very well and empty (colon wise) today.
    My new Dr. is a Chiropractor. He was surprised that I knew about Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo and his books like Eating by your blood type and that I'm on the diet. I'm very happy I found him. If not for this forum I would not no about him.
    I believe my colon is what my main problem is that lead my EBV to being acute. My colon is also the last thing to heal-I'm sure it was in big big trouble.
    Many of the tons of CF and FM symptoms are quickly leaving me. I'm so happy to be feeling human again :)
  5. tandy

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    back up top for others.
    I have all this trouble/pain too.

    very sorry I can't even respond tonight~
    I hope to be on tomorrow,..I'll try then.
    Having an extreme pain day~ I can't sit here long enough.
  6. qnjamie

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    I suffer from the pelvic, bladder, colon dysfunction. The only thing that I can really recommend is Levsinex, it's an anticholergenic. It curbs my abdomen pain. Make sure your not having female problems. Always go for your yearly.
  7. tejanya

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    that pain is also connected to the enjoyment of each other. who wants to admit that enjoyment only lasts while happening, then later the aches and such make the whole act not worth it. all we can do is fuss and keep going.
  8. lvjesus

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    I too have pelvic congestion. I walked around in constant pain for about 4 months running back and forth to my OB/GYN who kept changing my BC pills to try and help. None did. Finally she was at the option of Deprovera when I finally took my friends's advice and got a 2nd opinion.

    The new doc said could be pelvic congestion, gave me some fluid pills that worked like magic - pain all gone! I literally had to sit like a pregnant woman does, gently, for months and it felt like all my innards were going to fall right out of my bottom.

    Sometimes I would be walking across the floor and double over from pain. I also had the flu-like achies with this, which I now know is part of FM, but did not then.

    I also have the urge to urinate frequently and concentrated, strong smelling urine off and on (no matter how much I drink). All of these are part of FM, although the part about strong smelling urine I have only found on one list of the symptoms, of course I don't know where!! LOL

  9. Mary100

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    I have intersticial cystitis, i had physical therapy on my pelvic/vaginal muscles(that was strange) and IBS) You might consider seeing a Urogynocologist. That is who got me the physical therapy and it really helped. Usually, I only have to urinate once during the night and sometimes I can go several hours through the day.