anyone with candia ever experience feeling drunk?

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    I have been feeling like I have been drinking. I even slur my words like a drunk. Someone told me it's because of the candia. Said the yeast ferments in your body and makes u feel like you've been drinking. Can't find no info on the net about this being a symptom of candia. Anyone ever experience this?
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    Brewer's yeast and complex sugars from grains is a great start to making beer. I spent a week at the Coor's plant in Golden, CO.

    No one can seem to stick to these anti-candida diets due to the die-off reaction from the yeasts. I had my best success by using 3-Lac. I couldn't handle the 3/day. I used 1/day and after 1 month lost my sugar cravings and showed up for work sober....literally!

    A police officer had asked me if I was drinking in the past. I was shocked, since I hadn't had a beer in a week. Candida DOES make alcohol.

    Not only that "Wildvine" but certain bacterias react with sugar to make wine. I take Probiotics (healthy bacteria) regularly.

    Healthy bacteria compete for yeasts in the gut and crowd out bad bacteria too.

    Worst yet, "Viruses breathe sugar" says Dr. Willaim Wong N.D. so for sugar remember the drug campaign; "Don't say YO, say NO!"

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    I read in a candida book that someone was pulled over and tested positive for drinking, yet it was yeast in his body. I think it was Dr. Crook
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    i do! i even went as far to request a breathalizer cuz i swore it would show up that i was drinking! i dont drink. lol
    it didnt.
    But yes i have that nearly every day. Is it the cfs/fibro?? I dont know...i dont hear about it too much..probably candida.
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    I have many "Autoimmune Diseases " ,Liver ,Lungs, FM,Central Nervous System ,Sjogrens syndrome .
    When my sister asked me to try &explain what it felt like because I didn't look sick ,that was the only way I could describe it .Like being intoxicated ( not in a nice way ) when you know that you haven't touched any alcohol .

    I worked with organic solvents for eighteen years Trichloroethane & Trichloroethylene and after researching them both thoroughly ,I Know they were responsible for all of my diseases .

    This is a recent abstract from "PUB MED "

    "Neuropsychological studies have documented frontal dysfunction in patients with a history of exposure to organic solvents. The deficits typically observed in these patients appear to be related to working memory (WM).

    This study used [15O] water positron emission tomography (PET) to examine the pattern of neural activation during verbal working memory in patients with a history of exposure to solvents.

    Six individuals with solvent exposure were compared with 6 age- and education-matched controls. On the 2 WM tasks examined with PET, with equivalent task performance, participants with solvent exposure demonstrated frontal peaks that were atypical for the tasks, whereas the posterior peaks were typical for the tasks.

    The results support frontal dysfunction and compensatory use within anterior regions of the WM system in patients with solvent exposure "

    I have spent the last three years trying to educate my doctors ,by taking many ,many of these abstracts /articles to my hosp apps. they believe me now !!!

    Best Wishes
    Brenda uk

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    Just wanted to say thanks to everyone that answered my post. You guys are just great. Boy am I ever glad I found this board. I was a little worried about being a walking brewery lol.
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    bUmping for more comments
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    "I'm retaining information, recalling memories that I haven't thought of in forever, and generally it's like my awareness is returning. "

    Thank you for your advice ,I read the posting & I have to tell you, that since finding out about these solvents three years ago ,I stopped taking all of my medication except urseodeoxycholic acid for the liver .
    I take painkillers only when I cannot stand the pain any longer & antibiotics only when I have infection, but I do take 1/2 a sleeping pill every night
    I am now able to do all of the above things after twenty years as the solvents are no longer in my bloodstream ,although they still lie dormant in my tissues o consequently ,it is only after any trauma to my bodysuch as surgery that I relapse .I am left with the aftermath eg liver. lung nervous system .etc
    Last year was the first time in seventeen years I was confident enough to go on holiday & meet people & I am improving every day ,thanx to my recovering immune system

    Best Wishes
    Brenda uk

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