Anyone with CFS/FM been on DMARDs (antiTNF); were they helpful?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sunnyslumber, Nov 9, 2006.

  1. sunnyslumber

    sunnyslumber New Member

    Hi Everyone!

    I just had a really weird test result. A tumor necrosis factor (involved in innate immune response, a cause of septic shock etc.) reading of 50 which was about 6 times the upper limit of the reference range (this was repeated and about the same reading). After researching this a little, I found there was a study showing that people with CFS were much more likely than normal to have overactive alleles for the TNF-alpha receptor. So maybe TNF-a pathway upregulation is a general feature of CFS?

    I was wondering if anyone has tried these drugs since they work by lowering TNF-a. If any of you guys did (for example, if you got them for arthritis) then did they help your CFS/FM symptoms in any way?

    Thanks, I think it would be interesting, and maybe really helpful to find out.

    john duncan

  2. sunnyslumber

    sunnyslumber New Member

    Isn't there at least a few people who've taken them? It seems like it could be really relevant.

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