anyone with coccyx /sacral pain-what to do?

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  1. epicurean

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    I have what my Drs. are calling coccydynia syndrome.Pain is unberable,am unable to do the simplest of things,(have F.M.).I have had to stop going to gym, could that be where this started?Have tried aquatic exercise,that made it worse.have special cushion to sit on-helps in car.Do have degenerative arthritis also.Have an appointment for next week for epidural injection ,don't know what else to try.
    Has anyone had this problem and what did you do for it.
    Please,desperate for help!!!
    Thanks !!!
  2. pooped

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    I had the same problem for so many years I don't know how I made it to work everyday but I did. I finally went to an orthopedic surgeon after seeing dozens of different doctors for the problem with no relief from the pain and symptoms. This doctor suggested removal of the coccyx. It is called a coccyxgectomy. I had it done in 1993. For a couple of years I thought I had made a big mistake having the surgery as the pain was still great but now after all these years I am so glad I had it done. I couldn't sit or lie down or bend over, even the process of standing from a sitting position was horrible. Finally all of that pain is gone. No more tenderness, no more excruciating pain, and I can actually sit in a movie theater now without pain. I am glad I had it done.
  3. JP

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    I'm in your club too!

    I had one injection. I don't want to discourage you in any way and I did not get the results that I expected or hoped for. However, many people have life changing results from these injections. The injection increased my anxiety due to the type of medicine used in the injection. The worst part of the anxiety moved through after 5 or 6 days. I also have severe spine disease and multiple spine conditions. Let's know that you will have awesome results and much needed pain reduction!

    Take care,
  4. Jen F

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    they have a model with a coccyx cut out.

    My mother had a problem with her tailbone and it was very bothersome. she finally convinced her chiropractor to do a coxxcyx adjustment, which involves putting one finger in the anus. Chiro's are trained how to do this, but obviously many are not extremely willing. It really helped her. I wonder if would be of any benefit to you? I don't really know what coccydinia syndrom is, so sorry if this is of no help.

    But, both my mother and I have broken our tailbones. I am very familiar with the donut pillow. You use that at home as well as the car, right?

    Good luck.

  5. tandy

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    I have what your desribing....But have never had it checked out. I have complained to my Dr. about it several times and he just nods as if its the norm for us with FM!
    But my tailbone and butt hurts like hell somedays!!Its hard to sit long....I'm talking after about a half hr. i'm moving in my chair to find a more comforable spot.Sometimes the area even feels numb!!???? At its worse i'll sit on my warm heating pad.Or,I get some relief from a hot bath.(does'nt last long tho) I also take pain killers.....why??I don't know because all my chintzy Doc gives me is darvecet and it really does'nt do much for this pain or for FM pain!! Maybe its because i've been given them for about 7 years now and I've built up a tolerance to them?? But everytime I try to get something stronger ,a deaf ear must fall on my dr. because I don't get anything!!its like I'm not heard~ I have afeeling one day i'll blow up in the drs. office and its not gonna be pretty!!LOL I can't offer any more help :( I'm trying my best to help myself with this symptom too~
    Hope your feeling better soon.
  6. emttoni

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    I have had pa9n there for several years now. One dr said it was because my weight kept shifting and the pull on the sto ach muscles kept it hurting. Changed drsand new one ordered MRI. Found out I have a birth defect there - something like spina bifida - but it closed over. Dont know why it waited 42 years to act up tho. Dr wanted to do a steroid injection there and since I am not about to let th,em ut cortisone in me for any reason he was willing to keep me in demerol and flexeril. There are days I cant move from the pain and I have to go in and get a shot of Toradol in the butt. That seem to realx everything enough that in a few days Im back to the "normal" hurting. Surgery was also suggested but Ive had so many surgeries in the last few years Im not willing to go thru the recovery period again. Hope you find some releif soon. You are not alone in this but it sure can be a pain in the butt! lol Gentle hugs ~ Toni
    (PS - sorry for the bad typing - am typing hunt and peck style because of a possible broken wrist! :-( )
  7. babyblues68

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    I do not know what coccydynia syndrome is, but I do have a story.

    My mother had pain in that area for two years. In and out of doctors. She was diagnoised with degenerative disc arthritis. She had the injections done. No help. She had every test in the book...except and ultra sound. Which was even in her medical records..."would be helpful for futher diagnosis." Didn't find that out until it was too late.

    One day she was at her OBGYN. It was a yearly...nothing abnormal to the doctors physical exam. Got test results back. While talking to the doctor about her results my mother mentioned having more pain. The OBGYN called her in for a ultra sound.

    Turns out my mother had Ovarian Cancer. Pap test DO NOT detect Ovarian CA. An ultra sound is the only way to detect Ovarian CA except maybe a CA-125, which is a blood test. She was in stage III when it was finally found. She had 2 tumors one the size of an orange and the other a grapefruit. They were pressing on her coccyx /sacral. That was her pain for TWO years. Also keep in mind when she had her pap exam the doctor, he did not even feel the tumors. She died 2 yrs later to the day she was diagnosied, she was 46.

    Sometimes we go so long with our pain and just get "use to it" as much as we can. That's not a good way to look at our health.

    I'm not trying to say anything to scare anyone, but for some reason felt it would be wrong if I didn't share this. This is not a subject that I usually discuss.


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  8. epicurean

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    My Dr. mentioned removing coccyx as a last resort.I don't mind trying the injection once-can't take this pain even with percocet,zanaflex make no difference.We talked about coccyz adjustment.Also saw a ortho/spine surgeon,but mine is not out of place-everything on x-ray,MRI and bone scan shows nothing unusual.I do use a seat that has a cut out so as not to sit on it-helps a lot. Babyblues,sooo sorry about your Mom-will mention it to Dr.,although I have all symptoms of coccydnia,pain,foot pain,worse when sitting or standing in one place,thanks for the info,never thought of GYN problem.
    Any other idea is welcome,thanks' for input,you all are a great help!!
  9. Jen F

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    That's terrible...

    I'm so sorry.

    Thanks for passing the warning on.

    Love Jen