Anyone with early menopause?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kramlow, Mar 26, 2003.

  1. kramlow

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    Just wondering if this is a common thread in people with CFS/FM. According to doctors, I have been going through it (perimenopause/menopause - whatever) the past 2 years or so. I'll spare you my list of symptoms unless you request them. ;)
  2. jeniwren

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    Yes....I started early menopause at 28 after having a hysterectomy and I then had my ovaries removed at 34. The pain had begun prior to the H, but it escalated after it and got worse still after having my ovaries removed.

  3. kramlow

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    I'm not sure what you mean by "DD" but I'm assuming you mean the diagnosis. I've been "officially" going through perimenopause for the past the 2 years, although I've had symptoms for about the past 3-4 yrs. I've had CFS for nearly 10 yrs.

    My perimenopause symptoms:
    1. Irregular periods - one month it'll come in the usual 4 weeks, the next month 7 weeks, and the next 2 weeks since the last period;
    2. Increased brain fog;
    3. Lower abdominal bloating (uterus was once the size of 4 months pregnant on an ultrasound);
    4. Breast tenderness not associated w/PMS (although this has been helped substantially by the progesterone cream, in combination with vitamin E);
    5. Ocassional night sweats and cold spells;
    6. Depression;
    7. Increased fatigue;
    8. Trouble sleeping (more than usual);
    9. Increased blood pressure and palpitations (more like what I refer to as heart-hiccups);
    10. More headaches;
    11. Strange feeling in my head and chest, sometimes with slightly increased blood pressure
    12. Excessive hunger (!!!)

    These are what come to mind at the moment. As you mention some symptoms, it'll probably job my memory more.
  4. kramlow

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    Did your CFS or FM symptoms appear after your H? What are you experiencing now? It sounds like you are fairing worse since your surgery instead of better.
  5. LW

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    Yes, started menopause around 38 or so...symptoms gradually got worse--extreme fatigue and brain fog during periods, some anxiety and depression. Had CSF and FM since I was 27. Had a previous doctor who said I was too young to be going through menopause and wouldn't prescribe hormones. Got rid of that doctor and got a new one. Hormones helped a lot with fatigue and brain fog during periods, although they aren't a panacea for general CFS or FM . Basically feel that some women with CFS experience worse menopause symptoms than others and probably go through them earlier, but that's just a theory of mine.
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    HI Everyone....I'm 42, was diagnosed with CFS at 36, and my sister swears, I'm also going through early or maybe menopause itself. Of course, blood work always comes back normal, when hormones are tested. I'd like to know how everyone feels after their period and before, as I've been doing some charting.

    The middle of the month is hardest on me and usualy right after my cycle (which just ended two days ago). I am coming off gallbladder surgery in January, and before that, from August to January, I almost felt like I was being healed.

    I've suffered depression, and also have a panic disorder.
    I'm taking a soy supplement currently (called Healthy Women) that has seemed to help some, but I'd like to hear about other symptoms from women with CFS.

    I normally have bad night sweats and anxiety worsens.
    Periods are pretty normal, except they seem to be coming earlier.
    Depression is getting better, but just switched to zoloft.
    Fatigue seems to worsen as well.
    Weather changes (here in Michigan, don't help either).

    But, yes, I feel I am going through menopause and wonder if some of you are, what treatments are you using.
    Thanks for listening and I hope I've enlightened some of you.

  7. Notonline

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    Well, this is one I have been diagnosed with...along with shingles, asthma, borderline anemia, and IBS. I have suspected FM also (sure have the synmtoms), but I keep getting told that I am just "depressed", tired, mean & nasty somedays, but not "depressed" as of yet. I think I started perimenopause after I had my tubes tied, after having my son...they started me on low dose pregenstrone (can't spell today) about 6 months did absolutely diddly squat, I'm 36. Other hormones or BCP is out of the question I am told, as I at high risk for blood clots.
    That time of the month is now twice a month, and my mood swings have the hubby litterly cowering under the table, and I won't go into the rest of it.
    Anyone know of some good herbs that have made a difference for you? I've been researching, and I personally would love any suggestions...cause this really sucks.[This Message was Edited on 03/26/2003]