Anyone with experience taking Buspirone, AKA Buspar

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Goodday, Jul 16, 2003.

  1. Goodday

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    Hi, I started on Buspirone 15 mg twice a day for anxiety and panic attacks with this DD. Does it help anyone else? How long did you take it and did it work? The printout said to give it two weeks to work. Wondering how others felt on it. Goodday
  2. Goodday

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    I am sick of pills. I used Alazolpam in very small amounts on a long trip recently, but when it wore off I felt worse. I am on Synthroid and there is a class action suit against it too. It was because people was being over charged, not the drug itself. I was suppose to get about $300.00 dollars back but who knows when? Those class action suites take years to finalize.
    So now I am wondering about this drug. I hope someone can tell me more. I will also look it up in
    It was one of the recommended drugs for fibro at one I am wondering about two drugs...the Restoril and the Buspar...Thanks for the reply. Goodday
  3. GooGooGirl

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    After being on Buspar for a while, I started to have a strange sensation of "snapping" behind my eyes. Very weird and hard to explain. The same thing happened to my Mother who was also taking it. I went back to the doctor and he looked it up and said it was a side effect of the medication. I went off it immediately and the "snapping" feeling stopped.
  4. bamboo

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    this may not be helpful - i wasn't able to tolerate it - made my chest tighten, gave me headache, and made me feel wired - the opposite of what i needed. hope it works well for you.
  5. zggygirl

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    I took it for anxiety. The first few days were great. More energy, upbeat feeling, etc.
    Around the 5th day I started having a panic attack-and felt very strange.And yet it is used for anxiety. When I stopped taking it I felt better.
    It just seems to be trial and error when it comes to these meds. Everyone reacts differently as you already know.
    I remember feeling like I was on a roller coaster ride-trying all the different medications for anxiety.
    Good Luck,It's certainly worth trying, though researching the latest news on it as someone mentioned wouldn't hurt. Especially if it was an PCP who prescribed it and doesn't have as much experience and knowledge as a psychiatrist.