Anyone with experience with Dr. Richard Herman of IL?

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    Has anyone here had experience with Dr. Richard Herman? He works out of IL, and he's the author of the recent book 'Overcome What Your Brain Cannot'. Basically it sounds like he's working off the assumption of treating Fibromyalgia pain and symptoms as post traumatic stress, and he does have quite a few testimonials on his site, but since money is very tight right now, I was hoping to get some more real, unbiased experience with his treatment and if it's worth it?

    Normally someone like this I would just write off, but he's saying one appointment, and most patients don't need to come back. Doctor's who want the fibro sufferers money will string us along for multiple expensive visits.

    Thanks for any info you could give me
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    bumping, hoping for response
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    Thanks Susan - I accidentally posted this on the wrong board. I thought I was on the fibro board :eek:/