Anyone With Facet Joint Disease?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by granmama, Dec 31, 2002.

  1. granmama

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    My pain specialist suggested I might have facet joint disease. Especially since I have had facet fusion once already.
    The oxycotin is helping the fm pain, but 10mg twice a day at present doesn't seem to help the pain radiating from the facets in my back. You can take your fingers and push in the area and I want to scream!
    They still feel like they want to lock up and when I get that feeling, generally it's not much back is out.

    His office has been closed this week, so I'm out of luck on where to go from here till he returns. I remember my last visit he suggested an MRI.
    Oh goody, here I go down the "facet joint road again".

    Anyone have any experience in this area?

  2. JP

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    joint troubles...oh yes, I know this too well. I have found that the MRI, CT scan, X-rays and discogram have been great tools at helping me to understand the complications of my spine. I was scheduled for nerve root blocks and facet injections and have not gone for treatment as yet. I need to search a little more before I begin the injections. I hear good and bad. For now, I take oral meds and I need is not an option due to the multiple complications and defects. So, I would go for the MRI and check out injections for pain control. I have been warned that you feel pretty good for a few days and tend to over do it...risking further damage.

    Keep us posted...Happy New Year! Jan
  3. Bunnylover

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    Hi Granmama, I assume that you are a grandmother by your name. I've got 9 grands and possibility of more. Love all of them so much. I have osteoarthritis in hip,neck,fingers and spine,which has narrowed at the bottom and has pinched nerves in lower back and upper leg. I can't find any pain relief. scheduling me appt with pain Dr. for the injections. Tried nuerontin but it made me depressed and lifeless. I look forward to the injections since I've been in pain for 6 mo now. Thanks for the post about doing to much. I will not try to do much so I don't hurt myself. I love coming here. I find out so much info. Do you get stiffness when you sit and get up again. I am 56 and my 77 yr old mom gets around better than me. Happy New Yr Terri
  4. granmama

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    Yes, I'm a 52 yr old grandmother and all "6" call me granmama. We hope to have more too!

    I have questions regarding these pain injections:
    >What drug is used for the pain control?
    >Is it administered in the hospital or office?
    >Is it a one time injection or series?

    I want relief just like you but I can't have surgery...that is not an option for me.

    thanks for your advice,

  5. greyhoundlady

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    I had facet injections done in an outpatient, ambulatory surgicenter. Lidocaine is usually the drug of choice. They were not particularly effective for me at the time. However, I may consider trying again because my back has gotten so bad. At this point, I am ready to try anything! I too, am a grandma-3 wonderful, beautiful, great kids. The joy of my life. I desperately want to take them canoeing again. That is my goal (besides being in less pain). Good luck.
  6. Bunnylover

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    Good Morning, Slept good last nite but not long enough. I have a cold and not being able to breathe well,that I woke up at 4:30. I'm not sure what he injects but I read where it could be lidocaine,or cortisone. Its done by a pain specialist or anethesiest at a surgery center. They give you and IV with something to make you relax and you go home the same day. My GP told me that they use these like a diagnostic test and you monitor your pain at home. I'm sure they do more if they see the first is'nt helping. I just hope my HMO will let me do this. Dr always has to argue with them. I have been in pain almost 7 mo now and its because HMO wanted me to do 9 wks of Therapy,before they would do MRI. Person could die waiting for Insurances to let DR. do his job. Thanks for asking and will let you know what happens. Terri
  7. JP

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    I believe that you are right-on about the facet injections. This is what they told me in San Francisco. Over the last two years, I have been to a small handful of specialists and they all point me to pain control, injections, oral meds and so forth. I have several sources of lumbar back pain. I guess the facet injections might tell me how much is coming from the facet joints. I was also scheduled for nerve blocks. I believe they do these separately for investigative purposes. I can't even bring myself to research these injections just yet and I have been asking patients who receive them. I fear the joints will become worse as a result of the injections.

    Thanks all..Jan
  8. Sparrow

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    Granmama (?)
    Sparrow here. Been there, done they say. I've had a knee replacement (at the ripe age of 46...) they did what they called a "post pain-block" (fibro-fog at the moment keeps the medical term from my mind>..drat!) and ever since that I have suffered with 24/7 back bain...lower lumbar L-3 and down. Had MRI. Long explaination of what all was found. However, I believe with all my heart and mind, that the "Block" started up the pain. (there is scientific proof that, that can happen). looking for an answer why my pain after surgery was worse, not better, and why my back was hurting like knee doc blew me off....5 years and 8 doctors later, I was diagnosed with the fibro. Have not found a good "knowledgable doc" on that here yet!
    But on the back problem....I have had 2 epidurals, 5 facet "blocks" and wosening pain! And no relief. Seeing pain doc now..has me on way higher oxycontin Plus! others. Still have a back and pain thats kept me in bed (mostly) for 3 years! Do careful reseach into your treatment and check the doc out with your local insurance state agency for complaints against them..before going through with my suggestion!
    Some of the meds....and the "blocks" alone, can cause scar tissue to develope, at the site...making matters worse. That's what I think happened when they did the block for my agrivated my back (or they messed up?).
    I'll try to get the site on facet blocks that tells abut it...if you want it?
    Let me know!!!!write me at Bless you, Sparrow.