Anyone with fibro and Benign Fasciculation syndrome???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Granolamom, Jan 3, 2003.

  1. Granolamom

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    I was DX with fibro awhile back, about three months ago I started experiancing body wide muscle twitching. Of course Ilooked up "twitching " on the web and saw the dreaded "ALS".

    I have seen three GP and one Neuro/Intern. They find no muscle weakness or reflex problems. I have had a clean MRI ( this is where the damn Dr. told me that"fibor:" was a catch all and did not really exist!!

    I will be seeing one of the areas top Neuro's in Feb.

    My GP feels I most likely have Benign Fasciculation Syndrome and said that at times she has heard of BFS abd Fibro over laping and may possibley be one and the sme.

    Anyone have any info. on this????

    Does anyone else have BFS or body wide twitching?

  2. starstella

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    for awhile, suddenly a bicep or thigh muscle would start a rapid twitching while I was awake and just sitting at rest. It did stop after a month or two, except for sometimes during sleep when it would wake me up. My doc said it was sleep myoclonus and put me on low dose of klonopin.
  3. Annette2

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    A lot of people with FMS have Restless Leg Syndrome. It occurs a lot at night, when you're lying in bed ready to go to sleep. All of a sudden your leg or arm will "twitch", or you'll get a feeling like you HAVE to move your limbs. Mine occurs as I'm drifting off to sleep, and then all of a sudden my whole body will sort of twitch very suddenly and I make a grunting sort of noise. My doctor just prescribed Neurontin, which is an anti-seizure medication, for it and it is starting to help. I hope you find out what is causing your problem.