Anyone with fibro/cfs felt worse after taking Cymbalta?

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    I recently changed my antidepressant from Lexapro to Cymbalta to see if it would help the pain better, but I feel terrible since starting it and it just seems to get worse everyday...I feel like my head is full of cement I have a hard enough time getting motivated but It's really worse now. I am also more aggravated, I'm fussing at everyone my temper is much shorter. Just venting and wondering if anyone felt the same. My joints feel more enflamed, my carpel tunnel even hurts worse in the past week!!
    Thanks Folks...Glad you all are here!
  2. Jo29

    Jo29 New Member

    then I started taking 30 mgs twice a day. I would take a pill in the morning and one at night before I went to bed. It worked great for me. I still take my Cymbalta that way.

    I felt much better on Cymbalta than anything I had taken before.

  3. tonakay

    tonakay New Member

    I took 20 mg for a week, then 40 mg for a week and then on up to my final 60 mg. I took it for four months and saw that it did absolutely nothing for me and quit taking it. Maybe your lexapro was better for you.

    Good luck!
  4. barbinindiana

    barbinindiana New Member

    YES! YEEEESSSS! I hate cymbalta! I've been on it for 11 days, and it makes me soooo nerveous. I also have a problem with dry mouth, and this stuff makes it much worse. I got up this morning and decided that I was going to take it any more. It was given to me for pain, but it hasn't help the pain at all. I'm already feel better after not taking it.
  5. Msdxp

    Msdxp New Member

    No, I felt great and wanted to continue taken it but when my blood test came back with liver damage and I had took it less than a year.My doctor took me off and put me on effexor xr 75mg it does nothing for pain.
  6. lvjesus

    lvjesus Member

    I feel great too. It helps a lot with fatigue but not for pain. I take it in the morning because it wrecks my sleep. I had the dry mouth too but it seems to have gone away now that I have been on it about 5 weeks.

    I am concerned about the liver damage comment tho. I did not see anything in the literature about liver damage. I had better google it again...

  7. Andrea4

    Andrea4 New Member

    i see my doc next wed and i am getting off of it. iv'e gained weight, i'm irritable, i feel more depressed. hasnt done anything for my pain either. i've been on it for a few months. reading this stuff about the liver damage scares me too.
  8. louiesgirl2

    louiesgirl2 New Member

    in am and it works wonders for me. I also take 300 mg neurontin at night along with quinine for restless leg. I feel almost 100% better, except when bad weather is on its way, like during Ernesto (Live in Florida).
  9. connieaag

    connieaag New Member

    My 13 year old daughter was on it from January until May 2006. Her Neuropsych Evaluation showed that she was severely depressed with sucidal tendancies, so she was referred to a psychiatrist at a local clinic that has done tons of research with Cymblata. Anyway, she weaned her off of it immediately and said "it was not a drug for young people".

    She indicated that down the road if her FM/CFS continues it may be a drug to try, but not for along time. It didn't seem to help her pain any more than other meds and made her depression a lot worse than other antidepessants she had been on. She is now on Prozac during the day and Trazodone at night -- both considered "safe" for younger patients.

    Her primary doctor switched her to Cymbalta after I asked about it -- just do you research!


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