anyone with fibro have thryoid problems

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    About a year ago I found lumps on my neck. My doctor sent me to an endoc doctor. I had a ultra sound, ct scan, blood work and biopsy in July of 08, the overall gland size was fairly normal. There was a multinodular process present with a dominant hypoechoic nodule in the superior right lateral lobe, measuring 1.6 cm x 1.5 cm. along with a few other vague nodules and a nodule in the central isthmus. The biopsy showed adenomatous hyperplasia of the right biopsy. Dr said we will wait 6 months and see what is going on. Had another ultra sound 3/6/09 it shows mild enlargement noted to the right and minimally to the left lobe of the thryoid which has in creased in size from the previous study. A dominant nodule is again noted in the upper pole of the right lobe, nodule also appears staable in the isthmus, there is now another nodule below the nodule on the right and new nodules in the lower pole region of the right lobe. The isthmus is thickened and the left lobe is increased in size. The nodules new nodules in the right lobe are hypoechoic. i understand that this may mean cancer does any one have any knowledge of this, when I went to the doctor she was not very clear and I was not really ready with questions. If anyone can explain this or has any suggestions I wouldd surely appreciate it. Also all thryoid blood work is in the normal range. I also have Sjrogen's, fibromyalgia, OA, restless legs, herniated disc in my neck with osteophyte complex and herinated disc at L4-L5, hypertension and now these thryoid issues, I work full time and have to keep taking time off work for doctors appointments and tests. Any suggestions. Thanks