Anyone with FM and sleep problems go to Kaiser?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by nantkes, Dec 19, 2006.

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    My best friend called me from California last night, in tears, because she can't find a doctor who will treat her sleep disorder, instead of focusing on her depression. Her HMO is Kaiser Permanente, therefore she cannot get a referral to an outside doctor. From what I have been reading on this message board, the fact that her body seems to adapt to medications and supplements rapidly is not uncommon among people with FM. I want so badly to be able to point her in a positive direction, before her fatigue and depression cause her to just give up. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks so much. These message boards are wonderul. My husband has MS and we spend a lot of time on the MS message boards. God Bless you all. Ann
  2. nantkes

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    I emailed your info to my friend. Thanks for answering! Ann
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    Hi Ann,

    I don't post much on here - mostly because I have six young sons - and it's hard to steal away time from them and dealing with my illness. We have relocated to CO but we lived in Northern CA when I first got ill three years ago. I've since been diagnosed with dysautonomia/POTS, as well as secondary fibromyalgia/CFIDS.

    Anyway, for the fibro - I received good treatment from the Park Shadelands Kaiser (in Walnut Creek, CA). It IS a hit or miss as to the doctor - but what she would want to do is be referred to the Pain Clinic. Through there, I was offered physical therapy, pain meds, sleep meds, TENS machine, etc.

    With Kaiser - you have to be assertive and demand that your needs be met (just generalizing, but we had Kaiser for years). When I was too sick to do it, my husband would go. If something doesn't work, you have to demand something else. That kind of thing.

    The ONLY bad thing that I rememember is they had something like a one year wait for a sleep study. Don't know if she needs that, or just medication.

    If she is anywhere near that area - I would definitely recommend she try a doctor there. It is worth the drive for the right doctor (I do that here in CO, too).

    Anyway, hope this helps! God Bless you, your husband and your friend, Tina
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    Your friend needs to be referred to the pain clinic, as they have the doctors that can really help those of us with FM. My primary Kaiser doctor did nothing to help me, even though she was doing everything the book told her to do. When I finally got referred to the pain clinic - took some time & lots of complaining, I finally got some answers, and was made available to some treatments that really helped me get my life back to a livable state (as livable as it can be).

    If she is anywhere in the bay area, there is a Physical Therapist in the group that specialises in FMS & teaches classes on how to cope as part of the program. I was seen in Pleasanton Kaiser, and was also referred to the program, but from what I understand the bay area has the best one available, so I'm not sure if she will have access to the same or not.

    I know it is called the "pain clinic" but these people totally understand the roll of not getting enough restful sleep & how it effects pain, and everything else in life! I had a clinical pharmasist go over all of my meds & start me on new ones, then tell my regular dr. what to prescribe for me from that point on.

    Unfortunately, Tina is right, with Kaiser, you do have to demand what you need - I call it being your own health advocate - they will just sweep you under the rug with a bottle of pills if you don't speak up for yourself loud & long. Sad thing, but unfortunately that has been my experience also.

    Happy Holidays,

  5. nantkes

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    I emailed your message to my friend, who lives near the Bay Area. Thanks for your input! Ann

  6. nantkes

    nantkes New Member

    I also emailed your message to my friend, who lives in Northern California, near the Bay Area. Thanks for your input! Ann

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