Anyone with FM have pain around pelvic area

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    Hi All, Does Anyone have pain around the top of the legs where the pelvic area is so all the way around the front crease of the upper leg all the way around the back of the leg under the buttocks? So pretty much the whole top of the leg, pelvis, hips, thighs and buttocks. I am so overwhelme because I literally don't have 1 area of muscle or tendon that does not hurt. If I do warm water stretches one day, the next day the whole pelvic/thigh area kills..... It is an endless battle.....
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    After having my children it has gotten worse. My hip bones now pop out sometimes and I have lower back/sacroiliac pain. The hips will click as they go in and out of joint. I started looking into this and noticed other people with FM say the same thing. During one episode where the hip was popped out worse than usual my massage therapist looked at it and said the muscle in my leg was really tight and pulling it out. She worked on it and it was much better.

    I get adjustments to have my hips put back in place, but they always get pulled back out by the muscles. Sometimes within just a few hours.

    I take Strattera which helped my muscles relax some, but the hips were still an issue. I started taking a new supplement and it's relaxed my muscles soooo much and one of the first things I noticed was my hips felt much better and were not popping out for the first time in about 10 years. I had to lower my med dose and at one point tried not taking it, but everything tightened back up and my hip joints pulled out again. I went back on a low dose and within half an hour of taking it my pain went away and the hips relaxed.

    I went to my massage therapist yesterday and she was so shocked because she said my hips weren't tight and they always are. I've been seeing her for over two years so she's very familiar with all my issues. I've only been taking this supplement for two weeks, but I'm hoping I can lower my med more at some point and it would be great to be off all meds completely, but we'll see. It's so new I haven't heard much of other peoples experience with it and how it works on their FM.

    A few years ago I had a lumbar study done which found I had a short leg and they said that was causing all my problems, but after my experience the past couple weeks I'm really finding that it is much more related to tight muscles. When my muscles stiffened up I have pain everywhere and when they relax I have almost none.

  3. 3gs

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    Everything you said big time.
    Can barely sit any more or lay down or....
    Have you thought maybe your stretches are to much?

    It is an endless battle but hang in there
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