Anyone with FM have side effects from diuretics?

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by sps, Feb 25, 2009.

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    My doctor recently put me on a diuretic for high blood pressure. After about 3 weeks it seemed like I went into a flare with severe muscle pain in my shoulders and knees. I'm out of the ctry for the next month so can't communicate effectively with my doctor. Anyone have any side effects (diuretic I'm using is hydrochlorothiaz)
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    I suggest since you have the internet that you research diuretics to understand fully how they work, the side effects and how you can counteract them. They act to remove water from your body, but at the same time if you have too much water loss you can lose potassium (found naturally in bananas). Did you read the literature from the pharmacy that you received with the prescription to explain about your meds, how to take it and side effects too? It is also worth the long distance call to your doctor's office and him calling you in the middle of the night to get answers if you can't do the above. Good luck.
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    Do the research on your diuretic, and put in a phone call to your doc's nurse. So much can be done by phone these days.

    If potassium is recommended, do the bananas, fruits & veg, etc.

    But if after a few days you still have flare pain, seriously consider having a complete thyroid panel run. Even if you've had one done previously. HCTZ has compounds than can inhibit thyroid function -- many meds do this; it's so common that it's unfrequently listed as a side effect except for the very worst offenders.

    A complete thyroid panel means Free T3, Free T4, and thyroid antibodies. TSH screen alone is insufficient -- it's a very indirect measure of thyroid function at best. TSH is actually a pituitary hormone, and pituitary function is often sleepy in fibro. So direct measures of thyroid hormone (the frees) and antibodies are most useful.

    If you have not already looked into the link between myalgia & tendonitis (fibro-like soft tissue pain) and thyroid function, please do. It's not the key for every fibro sufferer, but it IS a factor for many, one that is easy and relatively inexpensive to treat, with few side effects and often great recovery of function & reduction of pain. ... Low thyroid function can even contribute to elevated BP.

    Best wishes.